10 Unique Upcoming Games Announced Recently


Let’s talk about some new games announced within the last year are so that have something truly different about them.
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0:00 Intro
0:23 The Precinct
1:30 Phantom Blade Zero
2:51 Marathon
4:05 Delta Force: Hawk Ops
5:02 The First Descendant
6:28 Star Wars Outlaws
7:36 Lost Soul Aside
8:42 Blight Survival
9:54 Robocop Rogue City
11:28 Rise of the Ronin

Date: September 5, 2023

45 thoughts on “10 Unique Upcoming Games Announced Recently

  1. I'll be curious to see how Robocop shapes up. I've heard that the Terminator game wasn't the best at launch but was much improved in a recent patch/update. Any truth to that?

    Speaking of ronins, I'm actually really curious to see what happens with the TMNT: The Last Ronin game that was recently announced. I don't really know much about the developers' prior games so I have no idea what to expect. They seem to be touting is as being "God of War" like, so color me curious there.

    Also, Transformers Reactivate. That's a game that was quietly announced and there really hasn't been much info since.

  2. Woow.
    If these are the 10 most unique games, then really the games industry is in deep trouble.
    What a boring video and bpring games.
    Just a cash grab this video.

  3. Never heard of The Precinct, but it looks rad. Actually all of these games look pretty rad. I am so hyped for Robocop, because Terminator: Resistance was a surprise fave when I played it last year. And holy shit.. Delta Force is back? That certainly looks noting like that series though lol. Rise of The Ronin is basically my most anticipated game of the next year or so. I love the era, love the aesthetic, love Team Ninja… what can go wrong?

  4. I really really really hope that Star Wars Outlaws will be good made and i Hope it will be a GTA like game but in the Star Wars Univers because it seems like it is like that and that would be soooooo fucking great for me as a real big Star Wars fan and a GTA fan so yeah this two things together can only be good i really just hope it will not be full of bugs or full of other problems i just hope it will be exactly like a GTA just in Star Wars then it will be my go to game for a long time i am really Hyped for the game 🤔😅😊

  5. I am hyped for about half of this list. Number 10, 9, Star Wars (maybe but hesistant because it ubisoft), Blight Survival and the number 1 on the list. Hope they all deliver.

  6. I was going for some upcoming games that were really different – like, not just shouting or stabbing, but something extremely unique and unexpected. Does anyone know about any upcoming games that REALLY seem entirely different?

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