2 Truths & Trash: Episode 8, Round 1 #science #experiments #2truthsandtrash


Date: November 20, 2022

48 thoughts on “2 Truths & Trash: Episode 8, Round 1 #science #experiments #2truthsandtrash

  1. wow, the BATTERY ONE is real?? laser following curve of water is obvious, but BOUNCY BATTERIES? it's literally just a change in chemical composition inside that's so wild. m

  2. I knew the 2 at start was real because I played with batteries, and I knew lasers bounce off of the inside of water, so the 3rd one was kinda obvious to me, what's all your stories?

  3. You make it too easy to guess the wrong one if you’re unaware:

    Take note, he places 2 yellow stick notes that says “TRUE” followed by a pink note that says “FAKE” that gives it away, the third video is fake.

    If you want to make people guess, don’t make it so obvious, ditch the stick notes and leave it up to us to figure it out; maybe use the stick notes and have them read as normal, but the first video is fake; there’s god knows how many ways to make this type of thing more entertaining

  4. Fun fact: if you get a few ants in your microwave, it is impossible to kill them with the microwave (unless they are clumped together) because they are smaller than the microwaves.

  5. There was some Bull shit in the second vid. The jug had a hole in it and only let water flow when the cap is removed. The laser part is true because of refraction of light. But the water defying physics is bull shit.

  6. I doubted the battery one slightly, but then I saw the corn one, I only know that it’s fake because at some point recently I thought, completely randomly “wait is popcorn just normal corn?” So I looked it up, it is not, never thought it would be useful at all to know, especially this quickly afterwards

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