24 Hours in a First Class Room on Japan’s Sleeper Train 😴🛏 West Express Ginga | Solo Travel Vlog


The West Express Ginga (WEST EXPRESS 銀河 in Japanese) is Japan’s newest sleeper train. Luckily, I was able to book this time, so I stayed in a First Class private room for 24 hours. It’s a little pricey, but why not try it on your special day?

Price … 🇯🇵 ¥56,900 JPY / 🇺🇸 $432.90 USD
🇪🇺€412 / 🇬🇧£352 / 🇨🇦C$564 / 🇮🇳₹34,100
Name … West Express Ginga (First Class)
Route … From Shingu Station to Kyoto Station
Travel Time … 24 hours (round trip)
How to Book … Reservation by phone or online
Official Website …

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
【West Express Ginga (Premier Room)】
* The power of the magnet on the door of the room was too strong.
* It was fun to spread the bed sheets on the seat and make the bed.
* The security was safe because it was a private room with a lock.
* There were also beds and toilets for people in wheelchairs.
* Our sightseeing train ran so slow that it was overtaken by local trains.
* Free Wi-Fi was also available.
* They used to sell only package tours, but recently they have started selling one-way tickets as well.

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Source: YOKKA by VELTRA, 人生で1回は乗ってみたい!憧れの寝台列車で行く旅、おすすめ路線7選,

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0:00 Riding on the West Express Ginga at Shingu Station 往路:新宮駅から「WEST EXPRESS 銀河」に乗車
0:45 A First Class Private room called Premier Room ファーストクラスのグリーン個室プレミアルーム
5:49 Lunch time while enjoying the ocean view オーシャンビューを楽しみながらランチタイム
12:07 Arriving at Kyoto Station and staying overnight at the hotel 京都駅に到着・ホテルに一泊
13:29 Taking the train from Kyoto Station (Return trip) 復路:京都駅からウエストエクスプレス銀河に乗車
16:59 Eating Wakayama ramen 和歌山ラーメン
17:50 Spreading the bed sheets on the couch ベッドメイク
18:20 Enjoying beer and snacks while watching the night view 夜景を見ながら晩酌
19:51 Going to bed 就寝
22:25 Arrival at Shingu Station 新宮駅に到着”

Date: June 14, 2023

34 thoughts on “24 Hours in a First Class Room on Japan’s Sleeper Train 😴🛏 West Express Ginga | Solo Travel Vlog

  1. 旅行 あなたのビデオがとても好きです メキシコ出身です あなたのビデオはいつも私をリラックスさせ、よく眠れるようにしてくれます これからも頑張ってください

  2. お~特急くろしおオーシャンアローのコースとほぼ同じ絶景ですねと💕とっても豪華なエクスプレス銀河であの絶景を楽しむなんて最高😆😆アラカン旅は、特急くろしおグリーン車が贅沢な旅です!

  3. Avec toute la nourriture qu'il mange ça donne envie d'y aller juste pour ça mdr 😂😂😂 toujours un plaisir de regarder les vidéo de ce gars ❤❤

  4. 역마다 특색이 있어서 지루할 틈이 없겠네요! 영상 잘 봤어요~

  5. 素敵な鉄道旅をありがとうございます😊🙇

  6. 일본은 진짜 신기한 열차가 많네요…땅이 길어서 그런가,저런거 타고 일본일주 하고 싶네요

  7. I can only see a few mild differences between the seat and private room, one has a locked door and a table oh and air conditioning the cheaper has what looks like a more snug look, j don't see anything that makes me want to choose the private room over the seated erea

  8. I really love all these Japan travel channels, especially the train/boat rides. Sour cream and onion is one of my favourite chip flavours too, we also have “all-dressed” here in Canada which is another one I love!

  9. いつも楽しい旅動画ありがとうございます!自分は持病で電車に乗るのが苦手なのですが、動画を見てるとすごくワクワクします!!

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