Blippi Meets TALKING PLANETS! | Blippi Wonders | Educational Cartoons for Kids


Three, two, one, blast off! The Blippi-Mobile becomes a spacecraft on this mission to find out which planets are in the solar system! Merry the Meteor is the perfect host as Blippi is escorted through space and receives a guided tour of all the planets and their positions from the sun! One full HOUR of Blippi cartoons!

00:00 Planets
03:14 Bubbles
06:46 Islands
10:16 Soggy Cereal
13:44 Monster Truck
17:14 Honey
20:17 Volcano
23:16 Toothbrush
26:14 Flies
29:17 Garbage Truck
32:18 Guitar
35:49 Ocean
38:56 Whiskers
42:29 Crane
45:34 Dia De Los Muertos
49:11 Eraser
52:46 Scare Contest
56:21 Popsicle
59:13 Trick or Treat

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Ever curious Blippi sets off on comedic and fun adventures in his BlippiMobile along with his faithful sidekicks TABBS & D.BO, who help him find the answers to a burning question of the day.

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Vídeos educacionais e divertidos para crianças! As crianças vão aprender cores, formas, números, letras, o alfabeto, os ABC com as rimas infantis, canções e vídeos educacionais de Blippi! Blippi se relaciona com coisas que as crianças adoram, como retroescavadeiras, tratores, aviões, trens, animais, barcos, unicórnios, equipamentos de construção, caminhões de bombeiros, cavalos e a lista continua! Desenhos animados e animação com imagens da vida real!

¡Divertidos videos educativos para niños! ¡Tus peques aprenderán los colores, las formas, los números, las letras, el alfabeto, y mucho más con las canciones infantiles, canciones educativas y videos educativos de Blippi! ¡Blippi explora todo lo que los niños adoran, como excavadoras, tractores, aviones, trenes, animales, barcos, unicornios, vehiculos de construcción, camiones de bomberos, caballos y mucho más!

Blippi macht Bildungsvideos für Kinder auf Deutsch. Blippi Kinderlieder auf Deutsch. Sie lernen Formen, lernen Zahlen und lernen Farben mit Blippi.

Date: November 17, 2022

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