Chris Cuomo Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Salary, Wiki

Chris Cuomo (Journalist) Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Childhood, Relationship

Chris Cuomo is an employee of CNN America. He hosts the morning show called New Day.

Chris Cuomo and his age and childhood

Chris was born on  9, 1970, in Queens in New York. His father was former New York governor Mario Cuomo and his elder brother is current New York governor Andrew Cuomo. He moved to New York when he was 12. His mother is Matilda and he is the youngest of five children of his parents.

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Source: NY Post (Chris and his father Mario)

He graduated from Fordham University. He got his law degree in 1995 but did not practice law and became a TV presenter instead. He has American nationality.

Did You Know?

  • How old is Chris Cuomo?- Chris was born on 9, 1970, in Queens in New York.  As of 2020, his age is 50 years.
  • How tall is Chris Cuomo?- Chris Cuomo gas a height of 5 feet 4 inches.
  • What ethnicity is Chris Cuomo?- Chris Cuomo belongs to Italian ethnicity.
  • Is Chris Cuomo married?- Chris Cuomo is a married person. His wife’s name is Cristina Greeven Cuomo.
  • What is Chris Cuomo’s net worth?- According to the data of 2020, his estimated net worth is around  $7 million.

Chris Cuomo and his career and net worth

After earning a law degree, he worked as a Wall Street lawyer. He was the most eligible bachelor and his name was included in the “Most Beautiful People” list by PEOPLE.
He found law not satisfying and switched gears to journalism. Using his father’s influence, he landed a job with CNBC on the show Equal Time in 1997. He was co-host of Geraldo Rivera. He then became a reporter with Fox Files.

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Source: Rolling Stone (Chris)

His father was less happy with his switch. Chris said once:

“My pop didn’t want me to go into journalism,” Cuomo recalled. “He used to say, ‘Why do you just cover these things? Why don’t you go out and do them?’”

His brother Andrew was also skeptical. He counseled Chris:

“You got to decide what’s more important: your personal celebrity or what you’re able to do for other people.”

Later Chris made his parents and family proud when he joined 20/20. His father said at that time:

“No, he’s my son, Christopher, and we’re very proud of him because he’s gonna be the youngest correspondent ever at 20/20,”

In 2006, he joined Good Morning America. He also started a new show called “Cuomo’s Americans,”
In 2013, he joined CNN as an anchor and became a co-host of New Day. In late 2017, he became the host of five-part special series Headline on HLN.

Chris Cuomo and his married life

Chris is a married man. He is happy about it. His wife is Cristina Cuomo and the sweet couple has three children who are aged 14, 11, and 7 respectively. The daughters are called Bella and Carolina and the son is Mario. His wife has her magazine called The Purist which she runs from home.

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Source: ecelebrity facts (Chris with wife)

He is a great father and said:

“Then I do the daddy run of after-school activities: taking them to martial arts, tennis, gymnastics, and whatnot. My wife, Cristina, and our nanny, who I call Esposa Numero Dos, do more of this stuff than I do, but I try to help where I can.”

He also stated:

“Afterward, I do homework with the kids. Then the big shot comes home from high school and we do homework some more.”

Chris Cuomo and his love for fitness

Chris Cuomo loves to do fitness regimes but does not believe in bodybuilding. For fitness, he employs motivational books and podcasts to assist him with it. Regarding his waking up, he said:

“I wake up sometime between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. depending on what I can tolerate. What I have to do is I have to pivot sideways and fall onto the floor, then I can look at my phone from there. Otherwise, the light of the phone will wake up my wife, Cristina, and whatever child is in our bed. I look to see if the world has changed in the five hours I slept.”

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He uses baby soap since he has allergies. He goes to the gym in the evening g and said:

“Then I go to the gym, which means either CrossFit or I’m at Asphalt Green, where I fight.”

He added:

“The fight training is practical. It’s all self-defense combative stuff. It’s definitely mixed martial arts but not like M.M.A. on TV.”

He is well-balancing his career, life, and parenting his kids.

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