Concept of free fall with a twist 😂 I Ashu Sir #science #experiment #shorts #funny #comedy


Date: September 1, 2022

44 thoughts on “Concept of free fall with a twist 😂 I Ashu Sir #science #experiment #shorts #funny #comedy

  1. किताब हवा को हटा रही है हटी हवा की जगह फिर हवा आती है जो पेपर को किताब के साथ दबाए रख रही है एक तरह का suction pressure काग़ज़ को किताब के साथ ले जा रहा है

  2. I appreciate you teaching the students with experiments BUT DON'T DISRESPECT THE BOOKS. DON'T. You could've 'thrown' the books on a softer surface such as a sofa or something so at least you won't disrespect the books

  3. Mujhe nahi lagta ki her kisi ke parents ya bhai bahan ko pata nahi hoga bo bhi to educate ho sakte hai apne bola ki parents ya siblings iska answer nahi de sakte lekin kuch de sakte hai aap teacher hai apko soch samajh ke bolna chahiye please Asia dubara na kare

  4. first wale case mai drag hai lekin second wale case mai agar paper aur notebook alag hojate to unke beech mai vacuum create hojata kyunki initially unke beechh mai kuchh nhi hai isliye second case is also not a completely correct way to say that the time of flight doesnt depend on the mass but on the gravity.

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