Cooking Dinner 200 Years Ago – 1800s America – Summer


Using real historic recipes published in 200+ year old American cookbooks, here we are today to make a delicious feast of roast chicken with stuffing, fried eggplant and a pie using a fruit native to North America. Let’s see! I wish that you were here to try this with me.

Date: August 31, 2023

31 thoughts on “Cooking Dinner 200 Years Ago – 1800s America – Summer

  1. I am so interested in your summer Regency dresses. Do you use a pattern? I have seen your getting dressed videos, and Kandy’s skirt and shirt dress videos. Any plans for more videos highlighting 😢your period wardrobe?

  2. I made the roast chicken for dinner on Labor Day with the “stuffing” and my family loved it!! I did add sweet potatoes and onions on the bottom of the pan as I had to feed 5 of us, so wanted it to stretch.

  3. Love the videos Justine, but I was wondering if you can add the measurements with the ingredients when your adding them please? If not it's cool, still love these relaxing vids.

  4. 200 лет назад не было белого свекловичного сахара. Сластили медом.
    И еще. За черного кота хозяйку бы в те времена сожгли. Увы🤷‍♀️ охота на ведьм.
    Попробуйте приготовить утку по-русски,с яблоками и квашеной капустой. Очень вкусно.

  5. thanks for the videos, they're really fascinating! just a fast question: I know well that, at that time, salt was quite expensive, but I wonder why at 11:02 the (sliced) eggplants were not left to rest for a while with two spoon of salt. This is the way to purge the bitter water typical of this vegetable. Does the original recipe not mention this method at all?

  6. I throw my berries in fresh but the result is always a little bit of a grainy texture. I should have thought of simmering them for a while! I'll do that next time and I bet it will turn out perfectly. 😊

  7. I hope you know that gruel is also known as mush cornmeal mush. You cook it long and slow and continuously stir and it's the best thing I've ever had in my life. Corn provides so many things. Ingenuity knowing how to something and actually knowing how to cook is amazing. And do not even talk to me about potatoes I love f**** potatoes!

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