Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg: How to Improve Your Eye Health & Offset Vision Loss | Huberman Lab Podcast


In this episode, my guest is Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD, professor and chair of the department of ophthalmology at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University. His clinical and research efforts focus on retinal and optic nerve diseases such as glaucoma and discovering stem cell and nanotechnology treatments to cure blindness. We discuss how to maintain and improve eye health throughout life, the advantages and disadvantages of corrective lenses, including if you should wear “readers,” the use and risks of contact lenses, considerations for LASIK eye surgery, floaters, dry eye, the importance of sunlight and UV protection and specific exercises to improve eye and vision health. Dr. Goldberg also explains age-related conditions: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy; and the behavioral and supplementation-based, prescription and surgical tools used to promote eye health. This episode provides essential tools for listeners of any age and background to maintain eye health and offset vision loss.

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Weeklong improved colour contrasts sensitivity after single 670 nm exposures associated with enhanced mitochondrial function:
Improvement in inner retinal function in glaucoma with nicotinamide (vitamin B3): supplementation: A crossover randomized clinical trial:
Novel Foveal Features Associated With Vision Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis:

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00:00:00 Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg
00:03:08 Sponsors: Maui Nui, LMNT, Eight Sleep
00:06:29 Childhood & Eye Exams
00:11:36 Eye Misalignment & Recovery
00:20:38 Myopia (Near-Sightedness), Children & Sunlight
00:30:04 Sponsor: AG1 (Athletic Greens)
00:31:18 Eye Safety & Protection; Eye Hygiene
00:40:07 Adults & Eye Exams; Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist
00:46:35 Presbyopia (Age-Related Vision Decline), Reading Glasses
00:54:54 Reading Glasses: Use & Recommendations
00:58:34 Night Vision & Glasses
01:02:55 Sponsor: InsideTracker
01:03:54 Corrective Eye Glasses, Exercises
01:09:52 Near-Far Exercise & Presbyopia; Smooth Pursuit Exercise & Concussion
01:13:25 Supranormal Vision & Performance Training
01:19:11 20/20 Vision; Visual Acuity
01:24:51 Contact Lenses: Use, Risks & Aging
01:31:34 UV Protection & Cataracts, “Blue Blockers”
01:38:20 Light Sensitivity & Eye Color
01:40:29 LASIK Eye Surgery
01:46:26 Dry Eye, Tears & Age
01:53:24 Dry Eye, Serum Tears & Preservative-Free Artificial Tears; PRP
02:00:46 Vision Loss: Cataracts, Glaucoma
02:09:23 Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Dry & Wet Forms
02:14:02 Diabetic Retinopathy, Type I vs Type II Diabetes
02:18:54 Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment, Blood Pressure
02:22:17 Glaucoma Screening & Treatment
02:28:07 Smoking, Vaping & Vision Diseases; Cannabis & Eye Pressure
02:35:13 Eye Pressure & Sleep Position
02:37:48 Macular Degeneration, Optic Neuropathies & Red-Light Therapy
02:42:23 “Floaters”
02:45:29 Eye Twitching
02:48:10 AREDS2 Supplementation & Age-Related Macular Degeneration
02:53:39 Glaucoma & Vitamin B3 Supplementation
02:58:42 Retinal Imaging & Neurodegeneration Screening, Multiple Sclerosis
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Date: June 26, 2023

30 thoughts on “Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg: How to Improve Your Eye Health & Offset Vision Loss | Huberman Lab Podcast

  1. Can anybody explain why during water fasting, my eyesight improves. My optometrist couldn’t explain it. I’m slightly near sighted but with quite some astigmatism.

  2. I wish there was a little more advice on what a person can do to keep age related macular degeneration from progressing further. Dr. Goldberg talks about ways to improve Diiabetic Retinopathy by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, etc., (mostly through diet) but nothing about ways to keep AMD at bay, or to progress at a much slower rate. Do those with AMD need to wear UV sunglasses always while out in the sun, vitamins and minerals we can take, etc.

  3. I need help with the eye condition of my 26-year old daughter, whose eyes are extremely sensitive to light, especially light from a typical computer screen. She has a job working on line from her home in Seattle. She has used various kinds of filters, eye glasses and computer screens. She has bought many different LCD projection screens, but none of them seem to work well. What seems to be the problem? Any advice? Any tests needed? Any helpful supplements ? Any things to avoid? Any medical specialists to see?

  4. I pray for my step-dad and the science. He has maculopathy in both eyes. He dances Tango with my mom, both are 82!!! Healthy, happier than ever! They need Sebastian's eyes. He wants to live forever…Any good news about any treatment. He is already treated with injections…no cure yet, right? I hope someone can see my message! I truly appreciate it! I love to see my parents enjoying this time, so we'll deserved!

  5. Another super informative episode! Thank you! Do you have any advice on Orthokeratology lenses? Are they safe? You talked about wearing normal contact lenses at night could deprive your eyes of oxygen. Is it the same for orth-k lenses? Thank you!

  6. Good ti know LMNT has a raw unflavored version with no sweetener, because tge only time I've ever lost my period was when I used an electrolyte powder containing stevia. Period returned like usual clockwork when I stopped the stevia product.

  7. Hi Andrew, I'm really enjoying all your podcasts. Just to clarify what you referring to regarding horses, the breed is the Appaloosa. They are prone to uveitis and congenital stationary night blindness. I have a 24 year old mare, luckily, she can still see. Thanks for your pursuit in providing such informative, free information.

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