Exercise for Belly & Thighs | 8 min Body Slimming – Reduce Belly Fat and Slim Big Thighs


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If you’re looking to slim down your belly and thighs, then this assignment is for you! We will explore a range of exercises that are designed to target these areas specifically, helping you to reduce belly fat and slim down big thighs.

In just 8 minutes a day, we will take you through a series of body slimming exercises that are easy to do and can be practiced at home. These exercises will target your abs, obliques, and inner and outer thighs, helping you to burn fat and tone up these problem areas.

We will also discuss the benefits of belly and thigh exercise, including improved overall health, increased strength, and improved appearance. We will provide tips and tricks for staying motivated and committed to your exercise routine, and we will discuss strategies for incorporating these exercises into your daily routine.

By the end of this assignment, you will have a better understanding of how to slim down your belly and thighs, and you will have a range of practical tools and strategies for incorporating these exercises into your daily routine. So whether you’re looking to improve your overall health, increase your strength, or simply want to try something new, join us and discover the benefits of belly and thigh exercise today!
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Date: May 10, 2023

49 thoughts on “Exercise for Belly & Thighs | 8 min Body Slimming – Reduce Belly Fat and Slim Big Thighs

  1. Начинаю.
    1.После того как я сделала ничего не чувствовала.
    2.Болели там где часто двигалась.
    3.Уже привыкла, а разниц не вижу.(у меня вздутия живота, 😢)
    4.Занимаюсь, и немножко вижу разниц, живот стал немного плоским.
    6. не делала, была лень.
    7.И продалжаю, я буду делать 21 дней.(начну с10 августа, закончу 31 го) мне 12лет, рост 156,а вес 57,боже это такой пазор. 😭.
    Ждите я буду продалжать..
    8.Не делала, была занята
    9.не делала, была занята.
    10.Не делала, тоже самое, была занята.
    11.Продалжаю, но с этого дня буду делать каждую диянию 50х2.

  2. Doing this until school | starting weight 190.4lbs – after — days I lost —
    We got this!!
    Day 1:✅ (done twice)
    Day 2:✅ (I only made it to exercise 4 and ik I won’t get day 3,4, due to summer work which I still have to finish so I’ll restart)
    Day 3:❎
    Day 4:❎
    I’m going to restart:
    starting 189.8lbs I’m 5’4 (I haven’t been measured in like a month though)
    Day 1:✅
    Day 2:✅
    Ok I found an exercise that’s been helping me lose weight this one just helps me not gain weight. Anyway this summer I lost 12 pounds because when summer started I was 198 and now I’m 186. I’ll do this occasionally though, Godbless you!

  3. 🎉Its my first day doing this exercise -22 of August
    🎉It's my day 2 doing this exercise, had some difficulties in doing this today. -23 of August
    🎉its my day 3
    🎉its my 4th day- 27 of August
    🎉day 5-1 of sept

  4. Day 1:I think i see my tummy and thigh go a bit slimmer but mostly my thighs, btw i will edit this and do this and morning afternoon and night!
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:

    READ- If this really shows some progress by day 5, then i will continue on and if you want me to still update after that then reply yes or no

    and i do like 2 more exercises with this

  5. I can't believe it, it is now 10:11pm and I was just scrolling through YouTube and I saw this and decided I want to try it, I tried it and it is one of the best workouts I've ever done so thank you so much I really appreciate ❤️
    As an 11yr old I feel like I have to start doing workouts because my weight is 43kg and I think that is a little too much thx for these wonderful exercises ❤️❤️

    What do you think is the average weight for an 11yr old?? ❤️❤️

  6. I am 175 cm and 43kg, my waist before doing thus for a week was 18 inches. Now its 17.3 my upper thigh was 11 inches now its 9.8

  7. Hi guys l am doing this exercise 1 sep and l forgot to write feed back so todayl am writing the feed backs this is very good excercise
    Day 1 : it was a little tired for me
    Day2: l felt same pain in my lower thigs from day one
    Day 4 : l get tired in 4.-5exercise but i complete to set

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