EXTREME Try Not To Laugh | Funniest Videos #68


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Looks like jail for animals ain’t much different as it is for humans

When mom says we got food at home… And you anxiously wonder what exactly she meant by that

When you thought The Halloween display wasn’t scary enough until the very end

Don’t say you’re broke if your shoes aren’t on survival mode

He just wanted to enjoy himself, but sadly his clumsy ways got the best of him

The it clown gets a new phone. What do I mean? Watch until the end.

Anywhere but the eyes she says, let’s see how well that plan goes

Filter prank backfires in the worst way

Having a job as a photographer, allows you to get away with things that most people couldn’t

It’s not called cheating if the ref doesn’t see it, that’s called playing to win

It’s finally time for that long awaited camping trip to escape from all the noise ….and this happens

The set up was golden, but the execution is a facepalm worthy

This young magician in training has got a long way to go

Here’s a dangerous player, but it seems that scoring is his Achilles’ heel

His toxic trait is eating hot food and not expecting it to burn his mouth

Everybody has their own hidden talents. All you have to do is find out what they are

It’s a competitive world out there. Everyone’s at war with each other.

Poor guy… All he wanted to do was play the game in peace but his lack of gear didn’t go unnoticed

The score is 20 to 0. Is there any sympathy for the loser?

Nothing in life is promised. Not even the snacks from the vending machine.

Date: September 9, 2023

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