F1 2023 | This Is No Ordinary Sport


23 Grands Prix and 20 of the world’s best drivers – the new Formula 1 season is almost here…

This is no ordinary sport.

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Date: February 17, 2023

28 thoughts on “F1 2023 | This Is No Ordinary Sport

  1. “Some say Formula 1 isn’t a real sport” The fact that only 20 people in the world get to do it (I’m going to be one of them one day😁) really says something about it “not being a real sport”

  2. What Sport does 1 lap parade and award half points? What sport rigs a championship and manipulates SC rules to favour 1 driver over the other? It’s not a sport but entertainment.

  3. F1 is a sport and community like no other. At least here in the US, anytime I see anyone in f1 gear, I have the need to talk about it. Enjoying it amongst myself and a few others is something very cool but also a bit interesting. F1 and it’s fans are all family. Rivalry, team, whatever may “divide” us only brought us closer together. I can’t wait til this sport takes over here in the states, in the meantime; LETS GO FOR THE 8TH!!!!! LH

  4. I was at the Austria and Belgium GP this year. It was the first time I watched these races live on a track. Unbelievable great experience but what did really surprised me how kind everyone is. There may be rivalry between drivers and teams and everyone has his favorite but we are still united in passion and love for this no ordinary sport. This is Formula 1.

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