Franny Arrieta Age, Net Worth, Bio, Height [Updated May 2023 ]

Makeup artist Franny Arrieta is well-known for her “Franny Arrieta” YouTube channel. The beauty advice that Franny Arrieta offers on her YouTube channel is well-known.

What is the Net Worth of Franny Arrieta? Salary, Earnings

A well-known Instagram user and YouTuber is Franny Arrieta. She has also made a sizeable fortune from her channel and receives payment from sponsors for endorsing their goods. Franny, on the other hand, has not disclosed a precise estimate of her wealth. Some sources estimate Franny’s net worth to be around $5 million.

On Instagram, she has more than 267k followers, and brands are charged a specific amount for each post. Her channel has more than 430,000 subscribers, and every day, 78,117 people watch it. Her estimated net worth is greater than $200,000 (USD).

Where was Franny Arrieta born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Born on March 27, 1997, Franny is a YouTuber from the United States. She is a 26-year-old Pisces, according to her horoscope. Franny is a similar example. She was born in New Jersey, is an American citizen, and is of Hispanic descent. Similar to Franny, Frank Arrieta, an Army officer, and Angela Arrieta are her parents.

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Her ancestors are a mixture of Puerto Rican and Colombian descent. Franny is the sole child of her parents, at least in terms of her sister. She is a business management major in college, which speaks to her history in schooling.

Is Franny Arrieta Single? Relationship

Franny’s real name is Francesca Arrieta as well. Since she was a young girl, Demi Lovato has been Franny’s favorite singer. Similar to Franny, who grew up playing basketball, was a passionate player. Franny, on the other hand, is permitted to consume ice cream indefinitely.

When she was 14 years old, she relocated to California and has since come to adore the place. On the other hand, Franny loves dogs and has a dog named Lola. Franny constantly laments that she subconsciously bites the skin around her nails because she suffers from nervousness.

When she is unable to do things by the deadline, she feels quite anxious and wants everything to be finished on time. A similar bond exists between Franny and her best friend, which shows that she adores her. After reuniting with her best friend Kristina Alice, she uploaded a video to her YouTube account titled “Bestfriend Tag!! (Reunion after 1 Year)” on March 29, 2018.

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How tall is Franny Arrieta? Weight, Hair Color

Franny has a height of 66 inches. Her blonde hair, light brown eyes, and trim, athletic body make for a striking contrast. Franny wears US size 5 shoes. However, she hasn’t disclosed what her body size is.

How did Franny Arrieta start her Professional Career?

When Franny was 12 years old, she launched a YouTube channel, but she later erased it since she wasn’t serious about it. On July 10, 2014, she also visited the YouTube channel once more. A song that Franny and her buddy Ani performed together was covered in her first video. ‘Franny and Ani Acoustic Trap Queen Cover’ earned 58K views. In a similar vein, 390,000 people watched her second video, “Hailee Steinfeld – Starving (Cover)”.

Franny also likes to sing, and she has performed and recorded several covers. A lot of the songs she has written and recorded have been uploaded on her YouTube channel. She has also performed on “iHeartRadio,” giving Franny a wonderful opportunity.

Her early videos included her singing in cover tunes to show off her vocal prowess. Additionally, on May 25, 2017, Franny published her first beauty video, titled “My Everyday Makeup,” in which she showcased how she wears her makeup on a daily basis.

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Apart from that, Franny frequently works with her housemates and has published many films with them. Bobby Mares, Correy La Barrie, J.C. Caylen, Wishbone, Anderson, Harrison Webb, and four more male pals used to share a room with her. Boyfriend Tag, My Roommates Try the Most Painful Face Mask, My Roommate Does My Makeup, I Did My Roommates’ Makeup, and My Roommate Buys My Outfit are just a few of the films that Franny has created.

‘Boyfriend Tag,’ ‘Roommates try most painful face mask,’ ‘Recreating Catherine Paiz’s Instagram!! ‘, and ‘Chapstick Challenge w/ Kian Lawley,’ which has gotten over 1.2 million views, are some of the most watched videos on her channel.

The videos “Trying an At Home Facetime Photoshoot,” “My Easy Quarantine Booty Workout Routine,” and “10 Things I Do When I’m Bored at Home” were all posted by Franny. The finest videos to watch when you’re in quarantine are these ones.

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