Hong Kong hit with heaviest rainfall since records began 139 years ago


Hong Kong reported 158.1mm of rainfall in the space of an hour, the highest since records began in 1884. Local authorities said various districts had been flooded and emergency services were conducting rescue operations. Members of the public were instructed to stay in a safe place.
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Date: September 8, 2023

30 thoughts on “Hong Kong hit with heaviest rainfall since records began 139 years ago

  1. Pray for the plagues caused by the people of ccp and its allies get out of Hong Kong, return the chinese back to republic of china (taiwan) so Hong Kong people can be free 🙏🏻

  2. Correction: The rainfall is farcry from being heavy but this is easily the worst flood ever. The British made top job sewer system for Hong Kong and they somehow managed to flood her. Let’s not forget Hong Kong is an island. This is a total man-made disaster.

  3. Sound waves are the causes and effect of all these nature disturbances, we can stop this by being slower in actions and thoughts.

    Let’s hope our mother where we walk upon and father of light can help us go thru these difficult planetary times

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