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Hopie Carlson
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We have all heard about Tucker Carlson. He is the popular political news correspondent and is married to Susan Andrews. Hopie Carlson is his first daughter. Scroll down to know about Hopie’s parents, her height weight, and social media.

Hopie Carlson
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Did You Know?

  • How old is Hopie Carlson?- Hopie Carlson was born in 1999. As of 2020, her age is 21 years.
  • How many siblings does Hopie Carlson have?- Hopie Carlson has a sister named Dorothy Carlson and Lillie Carlson and a brother, Buckley Carlson.
  • Is Hopie Carlson single?- The current relationship status of Hopie Carlson is single.
  • What ethnicity is Hopie Carlson?- Hopie Carlson belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

Hopie Carlson short bio, school and her family

Hopie Carlson is the first daughter of the famous TV personality, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrew. She has other two sisters named Dorothy Carlson and Lillie Carlson in her family. Likewise, she also has a brother, Buckley Carlson. Her grand parent’s names are Richard Warner Carlson, Lisa McNear. It is heard that she studied at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School. And now she is young enough to appear in media and maybe focused on her study.

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Hopie Carlson
Source: Frosts now ( Hopie and her family)

There is not much information about her as she and her family have gain popularity through Tucker’s success and fame. Their family now lives in a farmhouse from the early nineteen hundreds in Alexandria. They had renovated that the old structure and accommodate their own and their children’s demands of their dream house.

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Hopie Carlson Father Tucker Carlson

Carlson father’s name is Tucker Carlson. Tucker is working as the host and political correspondent for several shows and is a well-known face in the industry. He is popular in limelight and so his daughter has also received the popularity. Tucker has his struggle in his life to achieve this success.

Now he is one of the popular hosts and is also owns a political news website called The Daily Caller. There’s not much information about her but there must be a good relationship between the daughter and father as they are living a happy family.

Hopie Carlson Mother Susan Andrews

Hopie Carlson
Source: Frost now (Hopie with her mother Susan)

Hopie Carlson mother’s name is Susan Andrew. Susan was born in 1969 in America. Her mother previously worked at St. Patrick, Fcps, At Your Service Hospitality Management LLC and now she doesn’t seem to be involved in that work. She has also gained popularity due to her relationship with Tucker. So there’s not much information about her. She usually appears on TV with her husband and we can say that she is pretty with a charming face. Hopie seems to be close to her mother.

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Hopie Carlson parent’s marriage

Tucker and Susan met each other when they were just 15 years old. They attend at the same high school, the prestigious St. George’s School. It was the same boarding school in Middletown, Rhode Island where Susan’s father, Rev. George E. Andrews II, was the headmaster. So as they said they have harsh dating time escaping from their father. Though they have built a successful love life now. They married in 1991 and are still together. And like they have spent their 25 years.

Hopie Carlson Height, weight and social media

Hopie Carlson
Source: imgcop.com (Hopie with her siblings)

There’s not much information about Hopie Carlson as he has gain popularity with her father. There are rare pictures of her on the internet and seeing it we can say that she has blonde colored hair and maybe black colored eyes. Her height and weight are unknown. She is building her life and maybe also popular later in her professional field.

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Furthermore, she isn’t yet seen on the social media platform too. She may be is concerned to build up her career and now is studying.

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Hopie Carlson boyfriend

Like most of her information, her current boyfriend’s name is also unknown. As we don’t know her exact age, we can only guess that she is a student-focused on her career.

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