How NEW EDUCATION POLICY Will Change India | Full National Curicullum Framework 2023 Explained


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The Indian government has recently introduced the National Education Policy 2020 which aims to bring significant changes in the country’s education system. One of the most significant changes includes the drastic overhaul of the school syllabus, providing students with a more holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to education. Additionally, the new policy eliminates the hard separation of subjects, providing students with greater flexibility and freedom to choose their preferred subjects. In this video we delves into the National Education Policy 2020 and its potential impact on the education system and students in India which no other video has covered. So to know what it is check out the whole video.

NEP booklet:-

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Date: April 21, 2023

21 thoughts on “How NEW EDUCATION POLICY Will Change India | Full National Curicullum Framework 2023 Explained

  1. Sir can telk me that as students of class 11th in 2023 is this rule apply on them like 11th graders have subject according to their stream can they change subjects like commerce students can take physics and bio in 11th grade

  2. This is one of the best policies so far. I just wish for its success. I think. Teacher training is equally important. Cz changing the mindset of just reading and lecture can be very hard.

  3. Gurukul education was not given to all casts. It was only available to upper class also, even after all the schools built by British government and missionaries ,the literacy percentage was 12 when India got independence.

  4. " Not every glittering thing is gold ."_ The same is here also if all this is going to happen there will be improvements as well as difficulty that the students are going to face.

  5. But first of all need to improve the quality of Teachers. Most Present Teachers are only focusing on their salary not the their teaching skills. So before implementing new education system need to filter all Teachers through competitive testing.

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