How To Activate Your Entire Body In The Morning – Start Your Day Right – Part 2


Date: June 3, 2023

31 thoughts on “How To Activate Your Entire Body In The Morning – Start Your Day Right – Part 2

  1. Thanks Sadhguru for sharing this knowledge ! I am a student from Kota and I averagely get a daily sleep of 5.5 – 6 hours. And every morning I feel very lazy the very hour I wake up . At that moment my brain can't recognise whether I am alive or not . Thanks to your yogi knowledges, due to which I am doing meditation and yoga both which helps me to go through the whole day and be the most active one during the school hours. 🙂

  2. Om gan ganapathey Namaha. 🙏🤲🔔🎶🎵🐘🐒🐄🦄🐎🥇🥈🎋🎖🏅🚩🎏🎋💰🧶👣🎉❤
    Om gurubhyo Brihaspathi namostuthe. 🙏🌍🌙🌕🌞🌟⭐🌫🌬🌧🔥🌊🌈☂️☔

  3. What a being, simply being. But bringing centered
    being-ness out in such a way. That there is no put on.
    Just as Frank as Sinatra. 🙏🏻 Now his franken-ness passed by jargon for results too. Ha. You get it…?🙏🏻Of corse u get it. You do it that way. That's some way that's not the way forced but cherished even when you don't want to play.
    Seeing this is a lessen beyond the words of lessen. Words only tell everything else except your true heart involvements depth of enjoying otherwise thought of as taxing. I could have just said . The grace is always from his face. But not words towards it. rp🫐..have a sweet song.. From my living room during covid..

  4. Ha. I ponder.. what would it take for me to not be owned by whats on my left or right?
    How would one continue above this resound in living? Ha. I just call it.. Taming my shrew. No one knows my shrew through and through like me or true Guru does with just a glance at you… Ha. that's happening for me too? Everyday! RP

    I sleep when I'm tired and tire of that quickly in comparison's to
    myself pre Inner engineering completion. I'll say that out loud! The more awake I become the less I run for comfort out of sleep. If I count hours. It's something else too.

  5. I’ll try this. Nice. TY. & I also love to do the Buddhist thing every morning, where you put drops of water 💧 on your 3rd 👁️. That really wakes me up & cleanses me for the day, especially if I don’t take a shower that morning.

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