how to make homemade tofu 🌱



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Date: December 9, 2022

47 thoughts on “how to make homemade tofu 🌱

  1. I always wanted to eat tofu, but they still don't sell it here. I found out how it was made. I made my parent buy me soy bean, and I made my own just to taste what tofu tasted like. I have to say it was amazing.

    Sigh good old days

  2. Huh….much respect for the effort, and worth trying when I can will myself to do it one day. For now, I shall spend the $3 to buy a block at the store….but one day. 😆

  3. Try glucono delta lactone next time. Tofu comes up silky smooth instead of coarse, grainy and crumbly. Also requires a slightly different technique during coagulation tho

  4. pov: you're looking for the mean comments left by the meat eaters

    jokes aside, it's good that we can't find them. they don't need to be found. people take everything personally these days. the tofu looks bomb!

  5. I never bothered learning because I assumed it would be complicated and difficult. You made this look so doable, even for beginners. I had no idea that it was this simple to make tofu 🤯

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