How to pickpocket somebody


I punch all butt bumpers.

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Date: July 2, 2023

47 thoughts on “How to pickpocket somebody

  1. Dude it takes effort to pull my wallet out of my back pocket, good fucking luck to whomever is trying to pull that bitch out without me noticing while you're eating my fist dinner lol.

  2. My wallet is always in the front pockets, next to my phallus. That way, either someone would have to be really interested in offering me a good time or they'd find themselves in a situation that would only be to my benefit or advantage; I mean, what can they do when I threaten to shout at full breath that someone is holding my big, hard, fully erect phallus ?

    (Refuge in audacity works wonders when you have no shame with these scenarios.)

  3. And this is why I dont carry a Wallet and all my $ is in my front pocket usually with my pack of Cigarettes on top of it. Not 100% safe, but good luck getting it out.

  4. If i ever went to New York (I Never Would) I wouldn't Carry anything on me but my debt card buried deep in my front Pocket. Anytime I go anywhere I consider Everyone I meet is a Criminal and is out to do me Harm or Rob me Blind. You can't Trust anyone Nowadays.

  5. As a woman, I don't have any jeans or pants or anything that have big enough front pockets to hold anything. I have to wear shorts under, put my stuff in my back pocket, and then put a shirt over it. It's kinda awkward lifting my skirt to get my stuff out, but it's all I can do cuz I hate carrying bags

  6. I have the wallet that starts on fire in the back just to mess with a pickpocket with a note inside with a "message" and fake money. Lots of fake money. I also put bed bug eggs between the money in a way that it can't fall out in my pocket while it is folded.

  7. 2023: thieves showing people how to steal this shouldn't even be shown its not even right bunch of thieves I've never kept anything I've stolen dam rat get a job a hole

  8. Yeah I would immediately turn around to look at whoever just had their knee up my ass. Plus I keep my wallet in my front pocket. You’re not pickpocketing me 😂

  9. If anyone touches me at all I make space, wether its a busy area or not. Make it known that you want your space. Being the biggest fucker in the room helps.

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