Hurricane Wisdom – Lifestyle (Official Audio)


45 thoughts on “Hurricane Wisdom – Lifestyle (Official Audio)

  1. The first song I stumbled upon from you… I must say the fact in leaving this comment is something… ten years and I've maybe left five including this one here.

    I appreciate your perspectives (although the kind of struggles you prolly endured to have the views you do… not so much unfortunately =( ) and the messages from each song you put out there for anyone listening, and seems I've now listened to more of your songs before actually posting this comment… I can't begin to find the right words to express how after only a few lines… I connected to the emotion you put into your music. And lots of artists lack that these days.

    So know.. I appreciate you and what your doing in this life's reality. No matter what you go through.. don't change one bit. You have not only potential but greatness in the making and you can reach the stars if you so choose it.

    But ya.. Please… don't change a thing, don't try be anything or anyone but yourself because your amazing =)

  2. This song isn’t just for people who found music as a way out but for everyone who found a way to fight the struggles. This song helped me. Thank you. 💪🏾

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