Impossible Moments in Sports – Legends and Icons


Today’s video is a celebration of the all time moments and legendary athletes that defined the decades. Some of the greatest knockouts, comebacks, meteoric rises, & otherworldly abilities that brought crowds to their feet and forever left a mark on the culture. These stories have been covered over the years on this channel. Heroes like Michael Jordan, Buakaw, Tom Brady, Israel Adesanya, GSP, Tyson Fury, and of course Mike Tyson (Along with many more).

Voice Over Narration by
Andrew Scott

Date: April 5, 2023

39 thoughts on “Impossible Moments in Sports – Legends and Icons

  1. I do one or two of these "Savage" videos every year. They are a great way for me to share many of my favorite older clips / documentaries i've done over the years that are generally lost to time after a year or two and never seen by many again. Kinda of a best of video…If you don't like or care for a certain segment, you're just a few minutes away from something new 🙂 Hopefully some of the clips in here are new to you, and the ones you may have seen are fresh.

    UPDATE: The Hagler Hearns fight got blocked 🙁 And the very ending of the vid. Had to remove with editor or the whole vid would be down. Sorry. Happens from time to time…still obviously an hour and twenty minutes to watch so shouldn't effect the video too much. However, I'm still sorry.

  2. For reference on some of these clips. When the things you see in this video happened, they'd never been seen or thought of before. Like, the reactions people in the crowd and stands had was the same one you had watching on your TV.

  3. Yeah Mike Tyson the icon the legend of zulu in his prime stacking steroids and growth growth like every other combat sport athletes since the 1984 Olympics known as the growth hormone Olympics he's still afraid to fight thirty-eight-year-old Larry Holmes whose been on retirement partying for 4 years he's afraid that Larry Holmes might actually have 10 or 12 weeks to get in shape after a four-year retirement and he pushes it to where Larry has less than eight weeks to prepare for the fight Larry The legend homes he's the legend he's the icon he's the real deal he's the throwback

  4. The biggst sportsman on the planet, equal to MJ23 and Muhammed Ali is NOVAK DJOKOVIC. A real sport, a real greatness, not this American powder sports like NFL shit, Baseball and that funny stupid Hockey …..
    Western Media ofc aint gonna like it, but check comebacks against Fedder, without doubt beat every statistics line, split in face to media even try to stop with Covid shit when he didnt play 2 GST, and 1 DQ again by American stupid Nation on US open, bit still dont work.
    23 GST, and still countning…..
    Make warm your bad at home and watch big daddy!🙌🏼🃏

  5. Boxing cinematography has never been better, even as boxing has been in decline for over a decade. For one, nobody replaced the Tysons, Holyfields, Lewis', Rudducks.
    More importantly the surging MMA popularity in the capable hands of Dana White and the support of legendary fighters like Joe Rogan, frankly, more popular than the boxing product being served.

  6. I love watching your videos, would love to see you do something on Lionel Messi. I've seen many documentaries on Messi, but I think only you would do it justice.

  7. That 2000 Dunk Contest was something these youngsters can not understand .

    As Dope as Jason Richardson’s was a decade later
    As well as Levine & Gordon
    Levine through the legs from free throw line

    Amazing and they’re the next best

    But Vince Carter did Thee Impossible
    There was nothing close to what He’d just done
    Thee only Dunk Contest that left My face just like everyone else’s
    and that’s exactly like Shaq’s
    Shaq’s is exactly what everyone of Us were doing
    The disbelief smile with the 👀
    Like Yoooooo….. 😃 what was that ??!

    So Amazing

    & He did them in the perfect order too

    These type of things happen and You just know it was already written, it was meant to Be .

    Vince Carter was right where He was born to be
    That was His moment
    & Even He knew it
    A Championship wasn’t what VC was here for
    As beautiful & great an NBA Player as 22yr career He had

    His Championship
    His Moment is The 2000 Dunk Contest and He couldn’t do anything else to top that

    Because He already did Thee Impossible

    He already raised The Bar .

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