Is the $91K Rivian R1T the best electric truck?


37 thoughts on “Is the $91K Rivian R1T the best electric truck?

  1. Just drove this today and I dunno if I can drive another car. It was a butter smooth drive, and everything works so flawlessly (except for the card that opens and closes the car). Screw all the marketing bells and whistles – cute but, It's really just a great riding and user experience.

  2. Anyone who is ignoring Rivian stock on Monday will be completely shocked. This won’t be as big as Tesla but Amazon will make sure this truck will be integrated in the whole infrastructure of the future trucks

  3. Do you use this for construction, or field work to get out to sites or is this pretty much only tested in cities? How does it compare with the usual F-150 or F-250?

  4. All the memes about cops searching this thing… they are literally willing to strip a car to bare bones metal and not blink an eye or have any remorse about it, and will not put it back together.

  5. Wish they could figure out a way to have solar cells in the glass roof so it doubles as solar panels to constantly have a secondary charge on stand-by. Do these plug into what seems to be Tesla formatted electric stations? Dummies like me wanna know.

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