Most Beautiful and Respect Moments in Sports


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Date: July 8, 2019

41 thoughts on “Most Beautiful and Respect Moments in Sports

  1. While these moments are commendable, it is what we do in the dark that truly changes the world. We honor those who are public and inspire us to be better. A smile to a stranger can change that person day, just a smile such a small thing. Forgive the person that cut you off vs going off. Little things make big change possible. Just a random thought after watching this video.

  2. Спорт должен быть вне политики, жаль что при нынешних правителей запада это не так. Привет из России

  3. Rest in peace Bradley lowry and respect to all the other athletes and fans of all sports, I’m a football fan being from England but I respect all acts of sportsmanship either tennis, basketball, ice hockey, all combat sports, takes a lot to be any athlete wanted to be one my self❤️👍🏻

  4. The best Tennis player in the World and they don't want him to play because he doesn't want to kill himself!!! You ask is who are behind this! Humans of Planet Earth the only group of lunatics that are inhumane are members of the 12 Tribes. They are the most wicked and we are doomed because they know how to separate us and convince the youth to demolish their self!!

  5. The planet LEGENDS! i love every fair play lovely idol sports man and woman in this i am borning and watching the respectfully amazing people! The Eath planet NEED LOVE PEOPLE FOR SAVING US! AND WE COMING THE BEAUTIFUL FUTURE! ( i am Hungaryan and i sad so my county with playing with people , and stole the last money for riching…) Thank you for everyone for videos and people i hoping im not living for unnecessarily…. THX EVERYBODY I LOVE YOU ALL ❤‍🩹❤

  6. I love when top guus like lebron,federer nadal djokovoc bradey bolt are just normal guys wich just are really good at a sport.I makes me smile

  7. Великие люди, потому и великие. ❤❤❤❤❤Они великодушно делятся своей частью души. Джокович вообще красавчик всегда ❤😂🎉

  8. I don't care if you're a Hells Angel, serial killer, worst father ever or worst mother ever. If moments like these don't tug your heart a little bit and maybe cause you to shed a quick tear, you're simply not human…..or deserve to be.

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