Navid Negahban Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Salary, Wiki

Navid Negahban Age, Career, Body Measurements, Relationship, Net worth
Navid Negahban Age, Career, Body Measurements, Relationship, Net worth

Browse to know about Navid Negahban Bio, Age, Wiki, Affair, Height, Dating, Relationship, Net Worth, Films. Also, know about Navid Negahban’s Twitter, Instagram, Parents, etc.

Navid Negahban is an Iranian-American actor who is best known for playing the super-villain named Amahl Farouk in the second season of the FX series Legion.

Navid Negahban and his birth, age, childhood, and education

Navid Negahban was born in Iran in a place called Mashhad. His date of birth is 2 June 1968 and his age now is 50. He has been acting for the last 18 years. His liking for the theater was seen when he was just 8. He had at that age portrayed an old man on stage and won the laughter and excellent reviews from the audience. There is no information about his parents or siblings if any. He has dual nationality-Iranian and American and has Iranian ethnicity.

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There has been no disclosure also about his education. He had once said:

“People ask me where I went to school and I tell them the world has been my school. i have been in different theatre schools and acting schools all around the world, but it’s each person on the street – they are my teacher.”

Navid Negahban and his career and net worth

Navid left Iran when he was 20 and visited Turkey and later Germany. He was in Germany for 8.5 years. There, he worked for a theater company and in 1993 moved to the USA. Navid is multi-lingual. He knows English, German, Persian, and also is learning French for his role in Legion.

He has done roles in CSI: Miami, Lost, The West Wing, and The Shield. He was also cast in 24, The Unit, and The Stoning of Soraya M. In the year 2008, he voiced the character of Dr. Challus Mercer in the horror game Dead Space. Navid played the main antagonist in the TV series Homeland.

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He also did the Iranian movie called Liberation and for this, he won the Best Actor award in 2009. The film was screened at the Noor Iranian Film Festival. In 2012, he was the official festival Judge. He was also cast in Damascus Cover. His role was that of Syrian General Sarraj. He was also cast as General Abdul Rashid Dostum in 12Strong in 2018. His next release is Aladdin in which he plays the Sultan. He is called as the man of thousand faces. He earns an enormous sum of money through his acting roles but his net worth is not known.

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Navid Negahban and his personal life-wife and children

Navid’s personal life is under wraps. It is not known whether he has a wife and children. It is also not known whether he is dating anyone or has a secret love affair in his life. There were some gay rumors about him but these were also unsupported. He is probably single and focused on his career and is enjoying it.

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Navid Negahban and his lifestyle

Navid loves traveling. He has studied anthropology and loves playing poker, shooting pool, and driving. Talking about his role in Homeland in which he plays Abu Nazir, he said:

“It is like reading a foreign book with ten different dictionaries sitting there. When I am playing a villain, I’m not really ‘playing a villain’ because a villain never looks at himself as a villain. He is being judged by the audience whether he is a villain or a hero. So you just need to be very non-judgmental when you play those types of characters. They are fascinating. That torture and torment and dark side inside us is all just point-of-view. That’s what make it dark or light.”

Navid Negahban and his social media

He is active on the social media platforms. He has 14k followers on Instagram and 3.9k on Twitter. He has gathered 5.3k likes on Facebook.

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Navid Negahban and his body measurements

He has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches with a slim body. His weight is not known and his other body measurements are also not revealed. He has brown hair and eyes.

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