North Korea’s Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia ahead of meeting with Putin


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin are due to meet in Russia in the coming days and will likely discuss the possibility of North Korea providing Moscow with weapons to support its war effort. CBS News’ Imtiaz Tyab reports from Dnipro, Ukraine.

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Date: September 12, 2023

34 thoughts on “North Korea’s Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia ahead of meeting with Putin

  1. Kim is never frightening fore the United and even nato. This third world war will be bricks and the nato. And bricks going too win .Russia China north Korea India Iran together will nuclear the United States and Europe at the same time and they're having the best nuclear weapons from the world .

  2. Putin visited Cuba not that long ago and oil tankered in ten SR-28 Sarmat Missiles to Cuba that each can carry ten nuclear warheads.
    Sitting right off shore of big bully USA.
    Now Putin has negotiated with China to destroy Europe in a nuclear blitz when Russia and North Korea fire hypersonic Russian nukes to US to end this war in Ukraine.

  3. There is such a tradition in the world: once every 100 years, European countries and their allies unite into one powerful military fist in order to get punched in the face by Russia and calm down for another 100 years.😂

  4. As an Korean American this whole thing is bs show but this is most entering TV SHOW EVER EXISTS SO BASICALLY IT'S USA JAPAN S.KOREA vs. N.KOREA RUSSIA CHINA Guys, grab your popcorn and your guns, because we're going to WW3… Thanks to the Joe Biden administration for starting the failed war in Afghanistan with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  5. You all think America’s in trouble because of North Koreas “super weapons”, well watch until we drop the biggest nuke we have yet the second largest in the world on them.

  6. Its quite apparent that the peaceful diplomacy that was established during the Trump administration has now vanished, were closer to a world war now than ever , thanks to the present circus in Washington .

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