NORWAY TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | The Grand Norwegian Roadtrip


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Flying a drone in Norway:
Please be aware that restrictions on flying drones in Norway apply, especially regarding national parks. Make sure you understand the rules fully by reading through the following websites as well as On you can see which areas are off limits. Click on ‘Show Layer List’, then ‘Naturvernområder’ and then select ‘Naturvernområder alle’. This will display all regions where flight restrictions apply. If in doubt, get in contact with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

Follow us on our Grand Norwegian Roadtrip!
Throughout our journey, we explored all of Norway, from Kap Lindesnes in the far south to the Nordkapp in the far north – and everything in between. Driving more than 14,000 km in ten weeks, our roadtrip included many unforgettable adventures. Watch as we battle the unpredictable weather conditions, enjoy the infinite nothingness of the Arctic, and encounter adorable animals.

Thank you:
A big THANK YOU goes to Simon Bræck Hanssen who helped tremendously with correctly pronouncing all Norwegian names. Check out his YouTube channel @SimonBraeck for plenty of valuable Norway travel content! Another thank you goes to Norwegian timelapse maestro @morten.rustad for his tips and insights on which parts of Norway to explore and how to improve our timelapse skills.

Key Stats:
Duration of trip: 72 days
Distance driven: 14,087 km
Litres of Diesel: ca. 1,750 l
Fuel consumption: 12,4 l
Time of year: July-September
Total cost: Roughly 7000 Euro (Fuel 4200 Euro, Ferries, Parking & Tolls 580 Euro, Accommodation 0 Euro (really!), Food & Drink +2250 Euro)
Ferry trips: 22
Tunnels: 557
Vehicle: WorldCruiser 2 by Tom‘s Fahrzeugtechnik –

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00:00 Intro
01:01 Kap Lindesnes
01:38 Southern Coastline
01:57 Stavanger
02:13 Lysevegen
03:33 Kjerag
04:36 Lysefjord
05:47 Preikestolen
06:15 Ryfylkevegen
07:13 Hellandsbygdvegen
08:19 Åbødalen
08:52 Langfossen
09:24 Hardangerfjord
09:42 Folgefonna
10:37 Hardangervidda
12:05 Aurlandsfjellet
12:43 Borgund Stavkyrkje
13:32 Hemsedal
14:20 Valdres Natur- og kulturpark
15:12 Dovrefjell National Park
17:49 Jotunheimen National Park
18:08 Galdhøpiggen
21:07 Leirdalen
22:10 Sognefjellet
22:38 Old Sanitarium
23:05 Nigardsbreen
24:29 Austerdalsbreen
26:19 Fjærland
26:43 Sognefjord
27:00 Aurlandsfjellet
27:48 Nærøyfjord
28:11 Bergen
28:50 Oldevatnet
29:35 Lovatnet
29:57 Gamle Strynefjellsvegen
30:34 Geirangerfjord
31:15 Trollstigen
31:51 Eikesdalen
32:18 Mardalsfossen
32:44 Aursjøvegen
33:32 Ptarmigan
33:50 Hytte
34:15 Hellesylt
35:28 Runde
36:00 Puffins
37:22 Innerdalen
38:27 Heading north
39:39 Arctic Circle
40:04 Svartisen
40:34 Saltstraumen
41:02 Lofoten
42:18 Reinebringen
42:43 Ryten
43:42 Drying Codfish
44:12 European Otter
45:50 Stoat
46:20 Midnattsolveien
46:43 Vesterålen
47:51 Måtind
48:44 Senja
50:58 Tromsø
51:32 Red Fox
51:52 Lyngen Alps
53:00 Nord Norge
54:15 Hammerfest
54:56 Havøysund
55:52 Nordkapp
57:00 Knivskjellodden
58:23 Magerøya
59:15 Finnmark
01:00:02 Mehamn
01:00:52 Reindeer
01:02:25 Gamvik
01:02:52 Tanaelva
01:03:10 Berlevåg
01:04:58 Vardø
01:05:26 Varanger
01:07:20 Grense Jakobselv
01:08:12 Øvre-Pasvik National Park
01:09:40 Inner Finnmark
01:10:56 Alta Canyon
01:11:42 Gorsabrua
01:12:16 Øvre-Dividal National Park
01:12:50 Rago National Park
01:16:06 Leaving northern Norway
01:16:37 Norway Lemming
01:17:42 Eastern Norway
01:18:25 Femundsmarka National Park
01:22:42 Southeastern Norway
01:23:24 Oslo
01:23:58 Santa Moria Sauna
01:24:12 Outro

Date: October 29, 2022

27 thoughts on “NORWAY TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | The Grand Norwegian Roadtrip

  1. Just loved this❤ everything. Tromsø is the birthcity of my father and grandmother. My roots on my fathers side are all from the north Norway. ❤, but myself I am born in the southeast by the coast. Love the coast, ❤ Fredrikstad

  2. I am amazed by the beauty of this documentary, both by this what I have seen and how you made it. I is very rare to see a travel documentary of such professional and of a 'romantic' touch quality. My senses and emotions have been opened again to the marvel of what the world in some places still is. Congratulations!

  3. Not only you do have the soothing voice for story telling but your cinematography is on par with some of the best documentaries out there! So beautifully done!
    I've always said that Norway is THE most beautful country on earth and would still love to travel its four corners one day before i die. Though it may never happen… Who knows…
    Much love from the island of Mauritius.

  4. 0:09: 🌄 Norway's enchanting landscapes and adventurous spirit make it a majestic and captivating destination.

    8:05: 🌧 Despite the rain, the road trip through southern Norway offered stunning scenery, including waterfalls, fjords, and mountains.

    16:01: 🏔 Exploring the majestic landscapes and wildlife of Norway's national parks.

    23:53: 🌄 A road trip through the stunning landscapes of Norway, from lush glacier lakes to towering mountains and fjords.

    32:25: 🌄 The journey through southern Norway was filled with breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, wildlife, and coastal roads.

    39:25: 🌄 The journey through Norway's Lofoten and Vesterålen islands is filled with scenic landscapes, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences.

    48:07: 🌧 The narrator experiences unpleasant weather and challenging hiking trails in Norway, but still appreciates the beauty of the landscapes.

    56:58: 🌍 Exploring the remote and beautiful landscapes of the Finnmark region in Norway, including the northernmost point of Europe.

    1:03:55: 🌊 Exploring the remote and beautiful landscapes of northern Norway, encountering clear waters, secluded campsites, and pristine beaches.

    1:11:49: 🌲 Exploring the wilderness of Norway, encountering waterfalls, moose, and stunning landscapes.

    1:22:10: 🌄 A mesmerizing road trip through Norway, capturing stunning landscapes and wildlife along the way.

    Recap by Tammy AI

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