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Date: April 19, 2023

47 thoughts on “One Health Hack From Every Type Of Doctor

  1. Dr Malek 6:23 on the topic of urine sometimes Mt urine is yellow like lemonade (you said this was nprmal) so is it abnormal if my urine is clear? Sometimes it is and sometimes it's normal

  2. i kno it may not seem like it frm my pfp but i really appreciate that period stain tip, ive got sooo many underwear with them😳

  3. As a fellow doctor I applaud the iniciative but I have to say, I'm really disappointed with the statement that a colonoscopy is the way to prevent colorectal cancer… That's a really useful diagnostic tool, and helps stop lesions before they become a problem, but the only thing that helps prevents this cancer is diet, exercice, not smoking, I mean, healthy habits… I believe as doctors we can't just keep seelling people the idea that exams are the thing that prevents illness… 😢

  4. As a Latina, I can say that the Latin community appreciates you all, but especially Dr. Dana Brems for the Vapor Rub hack (I bet an abuelita somewhere knew this already 😂)

    Loveeeeee all the tips. Please do a few more ❤❤❤

  5. Oooh that nasal sucker saved my life! With both my boys, so I may say it saved me twice! Cause when a baby is not at age where they can describe what bothers them, and when they cry throughout the night just because their nose is tapped….omg I wouldn't wish that to the enemy😅 But our pediatrician also told me to not suck at full strength and be careful when putting it into the nose. Cause the strong movement can simply scratch the mucus tissue and cause a light bleeding. And sucking with full power of my lungs may create too much pressure on the inside of the nose of the baby and make it feel almost painful (which means the baby will never let u do this again).

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