Scottie Pippen – Age, Wife, Children, Shoes, Net worth

Scottie Pippen – Age, Wife, Children, Shoes, Net worth, Social Media

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Scottie Pippen is an American retired basketball player. He is also called as ‘Pip’. In his career and has achieved many records and titles. Scottie Pippen is considered one of the finest basketball players in the NBA’s history. He is still giving his time in basketball and working as a sports analyst.

Scottie Pippen – Career

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Scottie Pippen was born on  September 25, 1965. He was the youngest among his 12 siblings. Pippen started playing basketball from high school only. He joined Chicago Bulls in 1987 and played his first match against  Philadelphia 76ers in Nov 1987. The Bulls won this match.

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After his first win, there is no stopping for Pippen. He further played for many more teams like the Portland Trail Blazers, The Houston Rockets, and Sundsvall Dragons. He has won many awards and recognition. Scottie had devoted his energy and time in shaping the Chicago Bulls and also making NBA popular.

After giving so much to basketball Scottie Pippen retired in Dec 2005. He is now 53 and is working as a basketball analyst, for the Bulls as well as for ESPN and ABC.

Scottie Pippen – Body Statistics

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Pippen has got a remarkable height of 203 cm which makes him perfect for basketball. His weight is around 103 kg. Other features are his hair is short black, eyes’ color is black and his complexion is chocolaty.

Scottie Pippen – Shoes

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One of the greatest achievements of Scottie finally is that he was honored with the shoe’s brand which was named under him in 1996. Scottie Pippen’s shoes are made by the world-famous brand NIKE. These signature shoes were mainly designed for NBA season (1996-1997). These are highly recommended for players as they are flexible and comfortable.

Scottie Pippen – Wife, Children

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This legendary player is married twice and has a total of five children from wives. First, in 1988 he married Karen McCollum. Together they had one child Antron Pippen. Their relation lasted for two years and was divorced in 1990. The reason behind their divorce was never disclosed.

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After seven years, Scottie tied the knot with another woman Larsa Younan (1997). They together have four children, Sophia, Justin, Preston, and Scottie.

Scottie Pippen – Net worth

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Scottie Pippen in his entire career had played and won various basketball matches. He had received several honors and awards. His dedication to basketball is still appreciated. As per the sources and data, this renowned player has a total net worth of $50 million.

Scottie Pippen – Social Media

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Scottie’s popularity is not only limited in the sports world but he is also famous in social media. With almost one million followers on Instagram and around 561K followers on Twitter, he is ruling these sites. His skills and amazing performance in matches had always impressed his fans.

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