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Starfield (PC, Xbox Series X/S) is the newest game from the creators of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Fallout 4, and more. How is it? Let’s talk.
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Date: August 31, 2023

47 thoughts on “Starfield – Before You Buy

  1. I really want to play this game but also don't because it seems so deep and like such a big time investment. I've been liking shorter games lately, like games that are 20 hours or less. This game would probably take me like 6 months to finish it for how much content is packed in.

  2. I really hate the start locks you in to being a miner or whatever. Same issue as Skyrim. Really hampers your ability to roleplay. There’s a reason why the top mods for these type of games are like alternative start mods.

  3. First impression, Starfield looks like an Xbox One game. As ALWAYS, Todd Howard massively overhyped what the game would be. Making promises that were pipe dreams. Like when he said all 1000 planets were going to be designed, not procedurally generated. The problem at Bethesda is Todd, and his ludicrous expectations.

  4. The Bethesda formula's flaws were more forgivable in much older games and in more fantastical settings. Futuristic realism begs tighter gameplay and presentation to convince players; Starfield has not delivered that. It has not progressed beyond the decades-old formula, risking further leaving my once-cherished Bethesda (and Xbox) in the dust.

    Starfield offers a universe of exploration but is stretched thinly and redundantly. Like others, I, too, would have preferred a relatively smaller but more immersive game world. A universe a tenth of the size but ten times more compelling would be a vast improvement. I neither have or want to spend the overwhelming amount of time this game demands when it's merely an expanded, slightly modernized rehashing of previous ideas. Besides, there now exist so many games that are more unique and more engaging. Bethesda should make their future games more immersive, not more tedious.

    We still await the arrival of a great big-budget immersive space exploration game that combines pure seamlessness, innovation, depth, and polish. Mass Effect, Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, The Outer Worlds, (and barely, Starfield), each have achieved some but not all of those components, while Star Citizen lingers in development hell. Outer Wilds is the highest-reaching indie effort. I'll wait for some (if any) future AAA space game developed with sheer creativity, vision, focus, and care.

    In the distant future, I'd try Starfield for free or for a maximum of $5 on Steam. I want other gamers to hold Bethesda to higher standards by not buying Starfield so that my most anticipated game, The Elder Scrolls VI, will be much better. Regardless of expectations and my desire for justice, Starfield as a game is simply not worth $70, nor 70+ hours.

  5. Perhaps Bethesda should have hired a team from a department of NASA to help with the game put together ideas and exploration experiences, sci-fi fantasy/video game. Then Besthada would have put together a much better compelling video game from the very first hour of playing. …….. and of course Bethesda would have mentioned the special thanks to NASA.

  6. I thought the space exploration was going to be A LOT more open than it is ! I thought it was going to be like a photo realistic No Mans Sky pretty much with a more focused story. I'm a little disappointed with that but ima give it more time and actually get into it more before I actually say yay or nah ! Because besides the space exploration thing I like it ! And it's definitely a game I want and like to play ya know 🤷🏾‍♂️👌🏾

  7. Idk if im the only one but the space part of the game feels like my favorite mobile game of all time Galaxy On Fire 2. Been waiting a long time for a game to give me that feeling again.

  8. The further I have gotten into this game the clunkier, duller, and more repetitive it has shown itself to be. Most of the game 20 hours in is menu navigation. If I could refund, I would.

  9. Im surprised that no mans sky had actually a better spaceship system imo, you could manually speed boost to any planet in the galaxy very fast and then you can manually land or you can even navigate the planet with the spaceship instead of walking

  10. Oblivion had reused dungeons that got stale and boring. So Bethesda said, for skyrim, "we heard you, and now they're all hand crafted and somehow unique!". Awesome! Then they totally forgot that lesson and we're back to copy paste random dungeons.

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