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Are superfoods all that they’re cracked up to be? There’s plenty of worldwide hype about eating chia seeds, goji berries and quinoa – but what benefits do they really bring?

This documentary looks at what superfoods do for people and more. How is the healthy eating boom influencing agriculture and business? There are more and more restaurants serving superfoods in Germany. Florian Klar of Bochum opened the first superfood bistro in the Ruhr region about a year ago. He buys in all types of food, using local suppliers when he can, but he also uses exotic superfoods in his meals.

Quinoa, goji berries and chia seeds can now all be found in supermarkets as well. The food industry has discovered selling these products is lucrative and changed its product selection accordingly. Superfoods are simply that a foodstuff contains a high amount of nutrients. “Every country has its own superfood,” says nutritionist Matthias Riedl. Blueberries, flax seed, blackcurrants, and kale are all superfoods native to Germany.

The film also takes viewers to Bolivia, a key quinoa exporter, to see how the hype has influenced farming there. Exports of the so-called “Inca corn” quadrupled between 2007 and 2013. The rising price of quinoa on global markets has led Andean farmers to increase the size of their fields. Yet after just two straight years of quinoa harvests, the soil is already exhausted and barren.


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Date: August 22, 2020

30 thoughts on “Superfoods – is healthy eating just hype? | DW Documentary

  1. 1. This documentary has no clear hypothesis and no clear conclusion…it goes all over without clear useful points as a diet guide it is one of the worst videos you will find on the insternet
    2. Quinoa is great to replace meat, specially for the environment
    3. Quinoa has higher protein, fiber AND iron than millet

  2. Just to remind you this hype can only be created in developed countries as in most other countries people just think about the next meal on table.
    Oats is also one of the superfoods which has created hype in the market.

  3. It's almost like consumers should educate themselves and people should be responsible for what they put in their body! Who knew?

  4. Superfood is what is grown in your region. That is what your system needs, that is what nourishes your body best, that is what does not need to travel around the world.

  5. Tip, brainwash your brain to evey time you see a food that's been processed, think poison. I visualize roach bait sitting there.
    Works for me anyways

  6. There is more to nutrient content than percentage. Quinoa contains a whole protein. This makes it an animal product substitute that does not need to be combined with other plant foods. There is also the issue of availability. Just because it is in there, does not mean our digestive system can access it.
    Since when are avocados exotic? (They grow in Australia)

  7. The owner of this restaurant is so manipulated and oblivious of how his exotic food is made. “It’s good to combine local and exotic ingredients, they make a complex meal.” That doesn’t even mean anything. Local food itself has enough nutrients to sustain a human being

  8. Ffs we live in a world of brainwashed idiots..
    Look at this way dont eat processed foods, dont eat refined sugars, and keep your calories down to a deficit..
    Simple rules to loose fat.
    One other thing that bothers me is a company can stat the magic word protein ,and pile up that price on the product..
    It makes me laugh as to much excessive protein converts back in to fat 😂😂😂
    Its all a con,selecting on people igronense..

  9. I don't like that this video compares every exotic produce with an European one (quinoa/millet). It doesn't matter if its nutritional value is similar, everyone wants more options and new recipes. All of those packaged processed products are missleading, fresh products are the key to a healthy diet

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