The Flash Movie Is a Multiverse of Badness


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Date: September 6, 2023

44 thoughts on “The Flash Movie Is a Multiverse of Badness

  1. Can we also talk about the fact the Miller's Flash is very obviously coded as high functioning autistic or at the very least Neurodivergent and how immensely problematic it is that "other Barry" /isn't/ since his mom is alive? That's not how Neurodivergence works and it plays into a LOT of dangerous misconceptions on the subject. Love your breakdowns Shives, please keep up the great work.

  2. I wasn't a fan of Ezra's version of Barry Allen in the first place. Plus the character of Barry is played in exactly the same way as Quick Silver in all of the previous X-men movies just wearing a different suit.

  3. A video about the flash movie- criticizing the flash movie for incorporating too much non flash stuff- and the video is interrupted with too much non flash movie stuff. Well played, Steve.

  4. I only saw it (on Max) because Keaton's Batman. That says something. This movie was an attempt to put out the dumpster fire that is the DC cinematic universe with Flash's flashpoint story to reset everything. Except they tried to put the dumpster fire out with gasoline. It only illuminates why they should kill it off.

  5. I had enough fun with it, it's a "push buttons" movie and the big necrodigital taxidermy cameos didn't bother me as much as I thought it would unlike what Ghostbusters Afterlife did and it felt like a cool homage to that famous Alex Ross spread.

    It ironically was on a cosmic treadmill running in place catering to every zeitgeist since it spent so long in the development

    My big takeaway is that it had the exact opposite reaction to the conceit than Across The Spiderverse did.

    "Hey (literal) Zoomer listen to the billionaire(s) and accept your fate"

    A lot of timey wimey goofiness that's very hard to ignore but eh whatever.

    One thing I wasn't clear about was that the dad looked up simply because it's a different universe or did Barry deliberately put the can in a different place? Because he seemed surprised in the courtroom but the scene earlier they framed the security camera as if Barry did something with it, implying not really learning his lesson.

    Also he didn't bother to go check to see who actually killed his mom?

    Any this was a mess

  6. Barry Allen is not a dorky klutz and never has been. Barry is perpetually late, only slightly socially awkward, but a very quick thinker, even before the accident that created the Flash. Miller's interpretation is neither Barry nor is it the Flash.
    I'm one who has never liked Michael Keaton's version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Another actor who obviously never read the comics.
    Aquaman is not, and has never been, a drunk. And this drunk scene was concocted after Aquaman tells his father in his own movie that alcohol has no effect on him.
    In Man of Steel, General Zod specifically states to Superman that it was a signal from his own baby bearing rocket that alerted the Phantom Zone escapees to the existence of Earth. If this universe has no Superman, then it also has no signal from the rocket that never arrived from Krypton. What a big surprise that a DC movie has yet another glaring plot hole.
    In my opinion, what DC, and the floundering Marvel, need to do is take a break for a year or so, then focus on presenting simpler stories that lead to something grander. Just as Marvel did in the lead up to the Thanos storyline. By the time we got to that final movie, we were already invested in the characters and their fates had an emotional impact. Start with stories that see each character learn and grow, not just exist.
    All of that said, DC also really needs to look at the huge success of their original animated universe and learn who their characters are supposed to be. As a long times comics reader and super-hero fan, having been a kid during the goofy fun of the '66 series and the basic entertainment of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, I've been nothing but appalled and disappointed by the garbage that DC has churned out with their top names.
    These are supposed to be heroes. They're supposed to inspire hope for the future. Instead, we get darkness, intolerance, rage, arrogance from these personified ideals.

  7. LOL I didn't like the Flash movie only becaues I was so in love w/ the TV series and thought they should have never changed the actor and the plot is just screwed up for me. They should have made a movie to continue the TV series. It's funny your descriptions of things though.

  8. The Flash had positive enough reviews from critics. It currently has a 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, which would place it in the same range as other DC films like Aquaman, Watchmen and Joker. It's not a spectacular result, there's clearly a considerable % of people that had problems with the movie, but the site's own consensus gathered that most of the reviews agreed it was a fun watch.

    Movies like Batman v Superman (29%), Suicide Squad (26%), Black Adam (38%) and Shazam 2 (49%) come to mind when I think "received harshly by critics".

  9. Maybe it's just me, but the idea that there's some kind of repeatable sequence of steps that can be followed to give somebody Flash powers and that the results are reliable and repeatable is absolutely hilarious to me. You could literally just make anybody the Flash if you put them in this specially-designed chair when there's lightning going on.

  10. Aside from the CGI microwave baby, I don't think the rest was enough to break my suspension of disbelief overall

    I think the approach on the CGI in the running scenes was similar to what was done for the VR world in "Ready Player One"

    The CGI characters in the cronoball scenes weren't meant to be real. I think they were meant to be echoes of the real ones. Like statues at an art museum

    Maybe it would've looked better if they had been done in monochrome

    Like the liquid metal holograms in MAN OF STEEL

  11. I went to see this movie because of Andy Muschietti

    I love when horror directors make superhero movies

    And despite everything that caused it to bomb, I had a really good time watching it

    I think Muschietti did a great job, and I'm really looking forward to see his take on the DCU's "Brave and the Bold"

  12. i didnt hate this movie. it was fine.i actually liked it better than most dc movies. i liked seeing batman and that version of supergirl was good, i dont care about flash one way or the other. the cgi was terrible, the story was ok. overall a mixed bag, i enjoyed it somewhat. mostly, im just sick of superhero movies, and multiverse storylines in particular. yawn.

  13. The greatest crime of this movie is the subtext. As others have noted, this movie basically tells young people that they shouldn't try to change the world because they would only make things worse, while Across the Spider-Verse tells young people that they should try to change the world even when every authority figure tells you that you shouldn't.

    This particular story should have a subtext that says doing things for yourself is bad. They could have had that with relatively small changes to the movie.

  14. With Batgirl, you have remember that WBDiscovery hadn't spent any money on that. So to get $90m for effectively doing nothing is an easy decision for them. Remember… No one shows up for DC films regardless of quality 😢

  15. Sorry if you've been asked before, but have you watched "My Adventures with Superman"? I feel like you would enjoy it as a Superman series that's exclusively about Superman.

  16. Zaslav canceled projects that were _completed_, in their entirety, including all post production. Such cancellations has nothing to do with "tax write-offs" and everything to do with "showing who's in charge," and "pissing on the work of others."

  17. DC should have started with a stand alone Flash movie with Reverse Flash and then moved into the Flashpoint as a Justice League movie with Barry coming to the realization of his time travel solution at the end of the stand alone film. The Flashpoint movie could have been one about the danger to the timeline that Barry is in instead of multi-verse and that could have been a true reboot with new actors in that the timeline is destroyed but in its destruction births a new timeline with new actors.

  18. This movie came out three weeks after the Arrowverse Flash ended. Grant Gustin is The Flash to a generation so the timing killed it along with Ezra Miller's shenanigans. Too confusing to the public.

    This is the third time they've done Flash Point in ten years (once in an animated version, once in the tv show, and on screen). Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne Batman? Missed that.

    Also once Keaton (love him and all) was heavily featured this movie came across as cliche with time travel and fan service. Public is sick of that and it's boring. Time travel is cooked (Star Trek is very guilty of that the last ten years).

  19. This was awful. The animated movie and comic series Flashpoint is 100 times better. Flash deserved better than this. How these studio executives justify their outrageous salaries and bonuses is beyond reason.

  20. In Superman man of tomorrow, Martian Manhunter and Lobo do play important roles in Superman's story in that film. The movie focused with Clark living in a world that fears aliens, and both Lobo and Martian Manhunter show paths that Clark could take. Clark could take the path of Lobo, who cares about no one but himself, or the path of Martian Manhunter, which is of self-preservation. Clark however as Superman, chose the path to be an alien known to the world that helps people. It's also important that Martian Manhunter and Lobo are the last of their respective races, which was supposedly the case for Superman. Not to mention that Lobo serves as the catalyst of the events of the film, while Martian Manhunter serves as an ally that can relate with Superman. Superman man of tomorrow is a great Superman movie that focuses on Superman.

  21. Due to budgetary restraints, I didn't have a chance to see this in the theatre, so I watched it the other night on Max. And honestly, I enjoyed it. I do agree with all of your points here, but even with all that, I found myself digging a movie that captured the spirit, if not the actual story, of the Flashpoint comics event. I won't tell anyone who didn't like it that they're wrong, because I respect their opinions. I even rewarded it last night when my wife watched it, and she thought that, while flawed, it's enjoyable. Great review, Steve!

  22. I definitely got really giddy seeing Michael Keaton and Michael Shannon again, along with Ben Affleck’s cameo. I really enjoyed what little we got of Sasha Calle as Supergirl and I didn’t hateeee Ezra’s performance at least. But overall it was just a mess of a movie. It’s a movie I want to like, but I’m also getting tired of wanting to like movies and not just liking them outright.

  23. I saw it in theatre because my stepdad was in town for father's day and i said "Steve {amusing coincidence} how bout i take you to the movies? Whatever you want to see, my treat" and he loves michael keaton batman. There were genuinely enjoyable parts, and stepdad Steve is the most satisfying person to see a movie with jn the entire world, he does not hold back if something delights him, but i really do wish that it had rezlized it's potential, and i will admit with the allegations around them i'm not entirely comfortable with Ezra Miller. It's like DC had already parted ways with one actor with dramatic cheekbones and couldn't lose a second.

  24. My theory about why the movie tanked is partly the prior controversy about the star Ezra Miller's offscreen crimes. The other part is the negative fatalism message it teaches, straight out of Star Trek's "City On the Edge of Forever!" It tells a time-traveling superhero not to time-travel, especially for a family emergency! This movie also tells a superhero not to save lives or even the world! Worst of all, it tells Flash and us that the fate of the universe depends on civilian casualties!

  25. Logically, wouldn't his father being home at the time of the murder just result in the killer murdering them both? Of course, if the killer was a time traveler from the future like Reverse Flash, then Zod exterminating the human race would have prevented his birth and thus saved Barry's mom. But Barry wouldn't have known that would happen when he came up with his stupid plan.

  26. Flashpoint is like Infinity War. It's a story in which the villain wins, completely and totally. The hero loses and gives up. That works if it's Empire Strikes Back and you know there's going to be a Return of the Jedi. But it's not great. But when the only movie in the series is a movie about the hero screwing up, losing and giving up, it's not really enjoyable. And the worst part is that there isn't even a villain. We never see the Reverse Flash. He's not even mentioned in the entire movie. We're never told who killed Barry's mother or why. That's a plot thread that is dropped immediately. So not only does the villain win completely, but the villain doesn't even appear on screen.

  27. Having watched the Flash movie and this video, I can't help but feel like all of the people behind the movie didn't feel like the Flash could hold his own against a supervillian. Like sure he runs fast but he needs support or he'll fail. Just the vibe I got. As for why I went to see the movie in the first place, I was already aware of how messed up Erza was and just wanted to see if they could pull of being normal for one movie. Not so much really but better than they are in real life I suppose so that's something. (Apologies if I got the pronouns usage wrong, just haven't had to use Erza's particular set before. )

  28. I thought your review was fair. To be honest I actually liked the movie. Not saying it was great, I don't need a hero movie to be great to enjoy it, it's not Shakespeare it's good enough. Now, Flashpoint is supposed to be a major event, this was half assed. Your complaining about the multiple Supermen, there should have been multiple everybody, like for the entire Justice League, but still they would have messed it up same way they did for Superman vs Batman keeping it simple was safer, truthfully if you ignore the noise from people jumping on the hate train it wasn't bad, it was better than Shazam 2 and anything Marvel has done that didn't have Guardian in the title lately, and to be honest even that wasn't better by much, that was the weakest of the 3.

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