The Science of the Friend Zone


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Wild Sex episode:

My episode about how much money love is worth:

Can guys and girls just be friends? VIDEO:

Jenna Marbles on “nice guys” [NSFW language]:

FRIENDS episode about the Friend’s zone:

Clip of friend zone moment on FRIENDS:

Know Your Meme on the friend zone:


Bateman’s Principle:

Assortative mating:


Marshall Fine description of the friend zone:

Scarcity principle and attraction:

Escaping the friend zone (includes Ben Franklin effect):

Good article on other reasons we desire what we can’t have:


Sad article about friendship decline:


Date: January 11, 2013

26 thoughts on “The Science of the Friend Zone

  1. bro i don't even know where i am i'm in the "her parents know my full name and address and our mutual male friend mailed me a custom pin she made with some sort of love letter through her etsy shop"

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  3. I can’t believe he didn’t mention looks a single time in this video…

    Obviously that plays a part, most times friendzoning occurs because a girl likes your personality but doesn’t find you physically attractive enough to be romantically involved with you, therefore she keeps you as a friend.

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  5. I liked this one girl back in 2013. Her name was Beka Short from Yukon, Oklahoma. I am so glad I didn't end up with this bitch. She loved children whereas I have always hated kids. Found out she got pregnant with like three or four kids. I wouldn't have been able to handle that. I would have left her because I want nothing to do with fatherhood. She ended up marrying this baby-faced looking idiot whom I don't know who his name is. But whatever. I've been in a relationship with someone else for the past six years of my life and I don't intend on letting her go. Better yet, she hates kid just like me! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  6. maybe im wrong and stupid but from what ive seen and heard, the scarcity principle really only applies to men. For women, its more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing kind of idea where men that seem nice and humble turn out to be extreme assholes and because of this, more women go to men that are already seen as jerks because its more expected and predictable than the “nice guy” trope. (Not sure if its 100% true, just my theory and what i think lol.)

  7. i'm kind of a loser for this but i'd have been more than happy to be in the friend zone of someone i loved.
    unfortunately i'm too socially awkward to even get that 🤷‍♂

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