The True Horror of Religion #shorts #science #samharris #religion


27 thoughts on “The True Horror of Religion #shorts #science #samharris #religion

  1. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 so how do you explain that the human body requires nutrients that make us able to function daily…whom God provided…how deluded he is

  2. The Catholic Church invented science. Dominus Vobiscum. You know what's even more scary? How Donald.Trump and Covid can make you lose your mind and squander your entire reputation. Posting a Sam Harris video now? Lol good luck bro

  3. Dirty, corrupt, evil presidents, politicians, governments, religious leaders, E.U, U.S, U.K leaders, royal families their media and their multi national companies have raped the earth of its natural resources and raped our lives….. Raped all humanity…..

  4. I see a bigger problem and a man that thinks that his perception of the world is all encompassing. A very angry German student a podium and what is the Afforded such authority. And all we really learned from it is to not do it so fast.

    Throughout history we have made the blind assumption that things that are old or bad and things that are new or good. Furthermore we had made the assumption, that which is old is dumb and that which is new is smart. 10 years ago we did ridiculous crap thinking we were smart and we look back and see how dumb we were. 10 years from now will think the same thing. The true spirit of science is the pursuit of understanding and things we don’t understand. Regardless of how articulate this man is, he is ridiculously naïve. Who is the intellectual Jim Jones of our time and just as religious as the best of them. God doesn’t make religions men do. God doesn’t make movements Men do.

    God doesn’t fly airplanes into buildings men do. unfortunately we do not account for all the successes of religion. And its biggest failures is the failure to live up to the religion. And those failures make headlines that don’t represent the accurate aim of the religion.
    The false belief that if you abandon the concept of a god or higher ideal that you will be devoid of religion is a joke. These people are some of the most religious of them all.

    In the same era remove remove religious text from circulation relatively more passively in America. That’s the era where we collectively as a country start slaughtering children in the wounds of their mother. It’s obvious these men are godless. It’s not obvious that they are men.

  5. No , I see your shallow reasoning ,and slimy conniving ways , only atheists can do that , in mixing religions and seeking approval without reasoning , arguments or evidence , absolute nonsense

  6. If it werent true you wouldent go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about it 😮. Something about it makes people feel the need to do it. Jesus has gave many a real hope. A new beginning. Helped the druggie, helped many millions no doubt overcome. Why try and rain on that? Is that wise considering you dont know?

  7. No wonder einstein wasn't an atheist..or carl "atheism is stupid" sagan…as for believers in Christ's Divinity like founders of Harvard & founder of NASA would understand its "Do this in remembrance of me" but i dont think you need the intelligence of Werner Heisenberg or Freeman Dyson or Francis Collins to figure that out! The evidence of Christ is all we need..what he said & did is good enough for them (and sam as you know you are just a child to these guys in terms of brainpower) and me, a fool for Christ!

  8. There is a difference between saying Latin words to your pancakes and having The LORDs presence be given unto men in the Eucharist, “the Gosple os foolishness unto those who are perishing, but it is the good unto those who are being saved” once you reject CHRIST, your reject forgiveness, wake up ppl

  9. Like the covid vaccine prevents covid, or how Harris thinks he's perfectly reasonable and sane for saying that he didn't care if Biden/democrats had children chained up in the basement as long as they were not Trump. So called sane scientists who tortured Galileo because it was rational to them that the earth was the center of the univers, are the same extremists forcing climate change policies on us. He doesn't not believe because of a lack of evidence but because he wants to be free of any consequences for his choices, which is the biggest fairy tale of all.

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