Thierry Bordelais: Facts About Karla Homolka

As the second husband of Karla Homolka, arguably Canada’s most despised woman, Thierry Bordelais is well-known.

She is a notorious serial murderer from Ontario, Canada, and she was found guilty of killing 3 youngsters between 1990 and 1992. During her trial, Bordelais and his wife Homolka got to know each other; Bordelais is her defense lawyer’s brother.

What caused this man to wed a convicted felon, then? By 2022, the two were married and had three children together.

He truly fell head over heels for Tammy Homolka, a woman who is guilty of murdering her own sister. Did you realize, though, that Homolka was only associated with the murders as a result of her former spouse, Paul Bernardo? Yes, Thierry’s wife Karla used to indulge her ex-husband Paul’s bizarre and frightful fantasies for almost 4 years out of “love.”

As a result, we’ll focus on Thierry Bordelais’ life and his relationship with Karla Homolka in this piece. Did Bordelais really hold off marrying a criminal for 12 years? Karla, his wife, is currently where?

What about Today, where is Thierry Bordelais?

The sister of Thierry Bordelais was his wife. The Defense of Karla Homolka The birthyear of attorney Bordelais falls anywhere between the 1960s and 1970s. He was born in Canada and is of Afro descent. His parents and childhood are not exactly known. We do, however, know that Bodelais had a sibling when she was a child.

As we previously said, Sylvie Bordelais, Thierry’s sister, is a defense lawyer who represented Karla Homolka during her trials in the 1990s. She has been working in the industry for more than three decades and is currently employed in Montreal, Quebec.

As was previously established, Thierry first encountered Karla while watching her stand trial for the slayings of three innocent girls. He is the sibling of Homolka’s defense attorney in the criminal case, Sylvie. They started dating right away.

The Witch of Ontario, also known as Karla, was then imprisoned for 12 years. She was only made public in 2005, the year they tied the knot to declare their love.

Following this, Thierry’s decision to wed a notorious murderer was the subject of numerous inquiries. In 2016, Thierry was questioned by La Presse about his neighbor’s worry about residing in a neighborhood with a murderer during a brief interaction outside his home. To each inquiry posed by the reporter, he had a straightforward response. Bordelais remarked,

Karla Homolka: A ‘Mom’ Today?

Surprisingly, Karla, the notorious serial killer of three young girls, is now a mother. She has three children with her spouse, Thierry Bordelais. They have a daughter and two sons.

On May 4, 1970, a woman named Karla Homolka was born in Ontario, Canada. Her mother Dorothy Seger worked at a geriatric clinic, while her father Karel Homolka was a traveling salesman. Logan Valentini and Tammy are the younger sisters of the offender; she is their oldest child. Unfortunately, Tammy was murdered in 1990 by her own sister.

Homolka’s family was quite unstable when he was a child. Her father was a lifelong alcoholic who frequently used expletives on his daughters and wife. In addition, there would be numerous fights inside the home, making it more difficult to survive or feel secure. Karla experienced depressive episodes as a result while in high school.

The legendary murderer, however, managed to overcome this to some extent as Karla grew older. After completing her education in 1988, she used to work as a full-time veterinary technician at Thorold Veterinary Clinic.

Karla and her former physical criminal accomplice, Paul Bernardo, are known as the “Ken and Barbie Serial Killers.” Homolka was 17 years old when Bernardo, aka “The Scarborough Rapist” or “The Schoolgirl Killer,” first met her. She was smitten with him right away, and in 1990 they began dating.

Paul wasn’t your typical, devoted partner. Karla’s life was completely under his control, and he frequently made derogatory remarks about her appearance, clothing choices, and diet. The romance continued, though. Karla assisted him in the rape and murder of 3 innocent girls, including her sister, and gave him complete obedience for over 4 years.

Additionally, the two are accountable for the murder of three people and the rape of four minors. The girls were heavily sedated, raped, and murdered by Karla and Paul; their names were Tammy Homolka, Leslie Erin Mahaffy, and Kristen French. Even more so, they recorded everything on video as a keepsake.

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