This may be one of the best cars BMW makes. 👀


46 thoughts on “This may be one of the best cars BMW makes. 👀

  1. If you’re screen goes out for any reason, you have absolutely no way of controlling your heating or ac since BMW decided to remove all physical buttons for ventilation. Forums all filled with people having black, non responsive lcd screens and can’t turn the ac on 😂. Technology is great, until it isn’t.

  2. Idk, why i find this the ugliest BMW ever. I see it everyday and just go ugh this thing is ugly. But funny enough it looks more beautiful than EQC that thing is ugly man 😅

  3. Me : i bought a car
    Parents : which model
    Me : a BMW ix
    Parents : does it look gud ?
    Me : I guess
    Parents : where is the gas tank ?
    Me : its an EV
    Parents : so u bought a car which is bullshit
    With more bullshit ev tech. Congrats son u are the dumbest spineless cretin alive.

  4. That music is to smooth and calm you down after leaving the dealership and spending $140K for what you’re realizing is a huge pile of garbage..and no amount of self healing tech is going to restore your regret either.

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