Thomas James Burris age, wife, career, Karen Carpenter, abusive behavior

Thomas James Burris age, wife, career, Karen Carpenter, abusive behavior

Thomas James Burris is a widower of the famous American singer of yesteryears Karen Carpenter. He is a real estate surveyor who gained popularity and fame after his marriage to the singer.

Thomas James Burris and his relationship with Karen Carpenter?

Thomas James Burris and Karen Carpenter met in 1980 at a dinner at chic Ma Maison restaurant. It is not known whether this was a planned meeting or a chance one. Nonetheless, both liked each other and began dating.

Thomas Burris or Tom Burris as he was called was 40 years of age at that time and was also married and divorced with a son who was 18 at that time. There was such an intense love between them at that time that they got engaged and then married in a couple of months. The wedding was held in the Crystal Room of Beverly Hills Hotel.

Info: (Karen with brother Richard Carpenter and husband Thomas)

Did You Know?

  • Does Thomas James Burris has kids?- Thomas James Burris does not have kids.
  • Who was Thomas James Burris ex-wife?- Thomas James Burris ex-wife’s name was Karen Carpenter.
  • How did Karen carpenters die?- Karen Carpenter died due to heart failure.

Relationship, Married, Children, Divorce?

It turned out that the married life of the singer was not a happy one. Thomas James Burris began spending Karen’s money in a lavish way after the marriage. He took loans or spent it on some expensive buying or merry-making.

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It was rumored that Thomas who had stated that he never knew Karen before they met and wed actually was telling a lie. He had planted the whole meeting and act of innocence so that he could marry her and get her wealth. His lavish expenditure caused a lot of financial loss to Karen and she was left with just her immovable assets later.

The couple could not bear children since it was said that Thomas had undergone a vasectomy before about which he had not disclosed to Karen before the wedding. All the hope of Karen to have children with Thomas James Burris was reduced to a zero. Thomas also abused Karen and she went into depression.

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The divorce and death of Karen Carpenter

Source: Whosdatedwho (Thomas with wife and brother-in-law)

In 1981, Karen Carpenter unable to stand the tortures of Thomas filed for divorce. She went into emotional and mental problems and also had associated eating disorders.

On 4 February 1983, Karen Carpenter expired and her fans accused Thomas James Burris of not been good to her and leading to her death. Karen Carpenter did not die intestate. She made a will and left everything she had for her brother and parents.

Thomas James Burris: Bio, Age, Education, Career

Thomas James Burris’ exact date of birth is unknown. He was probably born in 1940 and was 10 years older than Karen. His place of birth and other childhood, parents’ and siblings’ details are not available.

It is not known which high school and college he attended.

Career-wise, he was a real estate surveyor by profession but whether he continued his work or left it after marrying Karen is not known.

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Source: Greening (Thomas with wife)

Where is Thomas now?

The whereabouts of Thomas James Burris are not known.

The last people heard about him was when after Karen’s death, he had given an interview in which he had said that at the time that Karen was having her health issues, he too had work problems and that though people say that he and his wife were not happy, it was wrong.

He stated in an interview that they had a happy life and cared for each other until some differences drifted them away from each other.

Social Media

Thomas is completely absent from social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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