Top 100 Places to Visit in North America (Travel Guide)


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ℹ️ About the Episode:
North America is stunning, with so many places to travel! We love being a resource for you and helping inspire visits that will turn into lifelong memories. This episode is Part 1 of our Top 100 RV destinations in North America. Grab some popcorn—and maybe a pen—as we hope this episode gives you lots of ideas on how to make it a Summer to Remember! To make this video helpful, we broke up the Top 100 destinations into regions across North America (and included regional chapters in the video) so you can seek out the region you might be traveling to next. We also attempted to organize in a logical manner based on route.

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0:00 KYD
1:35 Summer To Remember®
2:24 Alaska
5:25 Alberta
7:00 Mid-Atlantic
11:21 British Columbia
13:19 California
18:06 Florida
22:27 Mexico
24:49 Mid-West
31:42 Canada East

Date: April 24, 2023

20 thoughts on “Top 100 Places to Visit in North America (Travel Guide)

  1. Got our first trailer a couple months ago and this summer we plan to camp around our home state of NY. Then in August we are heading out for two weeks to Michigan. We are staying at Platte river near Sleeping Bear Dunes and then heading up to the UP to see Pictured Rocks and Tahquamenon Falls.

  2. What a great video! We are flying to Seattle in July, 😊driving down the coast to San Diego, stopping along the way as much as possible.

  3. What a fantastic video! I love it and I know this will really help someone with planning. When y'all do say "top five…" it makes me chuckle since I have watched from that first year and knew the list was mighty.

  4. I truly didn't think this/these video was going to be fun to watch. Boy was I glad Traci wanted to watch. You guys did/do such a great job. I really really enjoyed this one and I am getting another cup of Joe to watch the next one. Thank you for putting tis together for us.

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