Traveling to World’s Most Dangerous City: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea! 🇵🇬


Travelling to Port Moresby, PNG 🇵🇬 from Koror, Palau! 🇵🇼

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Date: September 1, 2023

29 thoughts on “Traveling to World’s Most Dangerous City: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea! 🇵🇬

  1. This useless asskan needs to go back to India or wherever he came from. If he thinks pom is more dangerous than Tijuana in Mexico or Caracas in Venezuela or Manila. There is no murder or rape in pom every day or night. In the cities I named above they have murders in 10s and 20s every day. Ol mangi png painim displa man na brukim em. Pipia nabaut kam lo hia na bagarapim new blo yumi.

  2. Young Men why you crucify this beautiful sovergn nation of png I hope you visited all of png and you see fit to make this sorts of comment. Bro you tell me when on the planet you come from. Did you see one terrorist to to blow up a mosque or Christian churches or monetary for budish or hindu temple by png. You lucky to escape after making such a humiliating documentary, why you destroy this country with such a head line. All over the world there are thugs, you may have come across one of which, and that should have been your encounter, you may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, you need not to make that sort of detrimental statement. Such an idiot like you are not welcome here. Stay where you come from and do your terrorism, we can guest where you hail from. How can you draw a conclusion based on your personal encounter to spoil the whole nation. You deserve crucifixion buddy.

  3. You actually tarnishing the name of Papua New Guinea and many of these comments are not true. Some of your videos are not from Papua New Guinea.
    PNG will not be the same one day and you hiding the beautiful things of Papua New Guinea. Don't ever come back to PNG.
    I think you has no problem at all. I will prove you wrong.

  4. Complete bullshit! Your perception is twisted and You go around looking for negatives and it's all you find.

    You don't talk about high level of online scammers from India stealing millions daily from innocent people around the world.

    Papau New Guinea is not entirely like what you say in your bias review of Port Moresby City. You know little to nothing about PNG.

  5. Papua new guinea was a beatiful place , reveals by its natural beauty in terms of fauna and flora,with abundance resource and diverse culture and above all was a Christian country,nothing was dangerous there,most of people are friendly ,but only few with bad attitudes are painting the wrong picture of this country.

  6. I am from Papua New Guinea and this doesn't really go down well with me. Of course we do have high crime rate in our main 2 or 3 cities in our country but to be sure, tourists can ask whoever their own country citizens who are already here taking over PNG and becoming land owners making themselves millions.
    This particular guy I believe from India, I would advise him that Indian business owners have taken over Port Moresby and other major cities in Papua New Guinea and provides job opportunities for Papua New Guineans. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's where opportunist mess up with you, if you keep yourself cool and mix around with the right locals, I bet you will enjoy yourself and might look forward to planning your next trip again and Papua New Guinean girls will make you forget your families back home.

  7. To have the true Papua New Guinea experience you have to visit the rural centres in its other 19 scenic provinces especially during cultural festival dates. Port Moresby really doesn't have as much to experience.

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