U.S. Auto Workers Go On STRIKE: Here’s What’s Happening and Why It Matters


( Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! Huge news in the automotive industry today as union-represented workers for each of the Big Three automakers (Ford, GM and Stellantis) go on strike. Andre and Tommy cover the details.

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Date: September 15, 2023

41 thoughts on “U.S. Auto Workers Go On STRIKE: Here’s What’s Happening and Why It Matters

  1. You can bet EV plants aren’t going on strike. Along with subsidies it’s time to get rid of all ICE vehicles and move into an EV. Along with dwindling oil production this is all government planned.

  2. This is all planned by the government to end all ICE vehicle production. Make fuel and vehicles so expensive that people will run to EV’s while their traded in ICE vehicle is crushed and never coming back.

  3. The car market is about to flip back the other direction. What had been shortages is going to be surplus (despite this strike) because interest rates & inflation are making this kind of purchase untenable. When trucks are now $80 – $100k, something has gone completely bananas. McDonalds is paying $15/hr to pimple-faced high school kids, so even the cheapest burger/fries/soda combo is over $10 – it costs $50+ for a small family to have a fast food meal. Something has to give or else half the workers in this country won't be able to afford regular things.

  4. Sure glad my 180k-mile Ram 1500 Sport Crew 4×4 from 2014 is the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Because it looks like I’ll still have it at 200k. No way am I conceding to a seller’s market. Take your inflated MSRP and BS adjustment fees and keep dumping them on the idiots that continue enabling that behavior. We are too soft and stupid to take a stand to corral this in.

  5. Good on these people for shoving it in the faces of these multi billion dollar criminal enterprises. With how much all these major, shitty American manufacturers are charging they deserve this. They are literally and physically getting away with robbing people of their money. It’s too bad there’s too many dumb asses who continue to buy these overpriced pos. Such first world problems if someone can’t get their new bronco or other equivalent overpriced pos.

  6. I'm thinking that with the uaw wanting more money out means that the cost of vehicles will be going up again making it literally impossible for everyone else to buy these vehicles but if they want more money then i see that these automakers will start to wonder if they should build these vehicles since place else like another country! Add then the uaw will be mad because the work is leaving. As for me the uaw is just as bad as the automakers they want more money and bow that the shtomakers are making money they are like hey we want more as well. This will end up hurting the average bluecollar worker in more ways then one.

  7. You guys are remarkably wrong. The car buying public is going broke at the same time dealers are trying to get $100,000 for a Ford Lightning. Car lots are overflowing with new car stock, and new units are simply not selling. A crash must come in new car pricing, and the manufacturers know this. Ford has lost 4.8 billion due to their stupid pushing of EVs over combustion engine vehicles.

    This is a rather small, targeted strike, so the results will not be a game changer, but interesting.

    Note that Ford is moving to lock dealers out of the new vehicle buying loop, and sell all new units from Ford directly. That will be a continuing trend, and was pioneered by Tesla, which saved them tons of money.

  8. The only thing creating money early on for these companies were fleet sales. Which gave the illusion that they were making profits. Yet, common Americans can’t afford these $80,000 to $110,000 trucks, it’s nuts!

    I hope they strike for months and loose billions more before they cave in to strikers! Have all those slight profits burned up and they learn they need workers to keep profits!!!

  9. Fords CEO Farley made 21 million last year! You tell me what’s more crazy his salary or his hard working employees ! I side with the employees ! I’m glad my vehicles are paid off. I won’t be buying new for decades ! 😂

  10. its all a joke. yes the average worker pay is 80k and they are crying they cant live and buy food. thats way above the average salary in the US. also the 3 car companies profits are already shot and the entire company is in trouble. wait until tesla ramps up move and you see all evs on the road.

  11. Truth is, if i was Ford or GM or Fiat, i wouls just move all manufacturing to Mexico. A painful process, but in the long run it would pay off. Too many regulations and too expensive to manufacture in the US. The only reason cars and furniture are not made in china is cause its bulky and cant fit too many on a ship.

  12. It started with only "transitory" price inflation.

    But now it seems the wage – price spiral is in action in the automotive industry. I've been long priced out of this market, but we'll see if the demand is still there.

  13. Anyone notice line workers at TESLA are not complaining because they are 95% millionaires with great benefits, STOCK OPTIONS (brings pride to oneself you own part of the company) and ZERO MOB BOSSES to pay off ….also only the most productive and best and brightest get to stay …. So the best Engineers are at TESLA .. unions keep their lazy dead wood FOREVER thus can’t afford to hire the best and brightest.. Tesla wins

  14. Okay so I’m starting out with this. The big three are playing games and if things go south and the economy goes down you can blame the big three because they’re not willing to give back what they’ve taken away from their employees over the years. Now with the profits coming out of Ford, GM and Stellantis there’s no reason for this kind of behavior. The UAW is not asking for the moon just to have something more than what could be achieved at Target so I don’t believe the UAW is being unreasonable.

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