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It’s a vegan challenge! In this installment of Mystery Menu, we give Sohla and Ham one surprise ingredient and one hour to turn it into dinner and a dessert — with one caveat: It has to be vegan. Today’s secret ingredient is … mushrooms! What will they come up with? What kind of dessert can you make out of mushrooms? Have they seen “The Last of Us”? Watch to find out.



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Date: September 1, 2023

39 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge! 2 Chefs Make a Meal Out of Mushrooms | Mystery Menu | NYT Cooking

  1. Thank you so much for making a totally vegetarian episode! I mostly watch other channels that are exclusively vegetarian (aka "vegan"), but I do love Sohla and Ham, so this is great. Please do more!

  2. You could have asked any vegan what brand of ice cream they love, just saying but theres a ton of amazing ones youd never think were dairy free. Cashew cream and coconut cream are wonderful ice cream bases and there are several store brand versions

  3. NYtimes is behind a paywall. Ridiculous. Hint….. mushrooms taste savory. It’s why we love them. End of story. Nothing to see here people… move along…. Move along…. NEXT!!

  4. Kind of a weird question, but did Ham and Sohla (more likely, NYT staffers) select a vegan brandy? Because that'd be a funny way to un-vegan a vegan meal lol. Most brandies are, but not all

  5. Aaaaa, did they not wash and trim any of the mushrooms? Those whole morels and yellowfeet could be gritty, and buggy too. It's so gross just thinking about it!! What are you doing?!

  6. I finally had the time to watch this just the way I want to… on my TV instead of my phone, with wine and cheese. This show is hands down better than anything on the food network. Sohla and Ham just get better and better together, and so does the filming and editing. ❤LOVE. IT!!❤

  7. Love the extra challenge of making it vegan. It really ups the challenge and creativity. Would love to see them do gluten free and vegetarian at the same time, as usually vegetarian has gluten and gluten free has meat.

  8. I had an amazing cheesecake with candied chanterelles, I kinda like that they didn't have candy caps because they're a little obvious as a dessert mushroom. Wood ears could be fun for the gummy candy effect but I like the candy-what-you-got necessity here.

  9. Gotta be careful about raw mushrooms, there are relatively few mushrooms that are safe to eat raw. I'm sure the pros know, but lots of people make themselves sick every year eating raw morels and other edible wild mushrooms that need cooking.

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