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If we Lived Inside Oceans:
Even all the land animals may join us inside the oceans.
We may start finding sharks sitting in our living rooms.
People who suffer from Aquaphobia, as in, fear of water may jump off to a different planet.
We may keep on meeting strange deep sea creatures quite often.
Fishes may get terrified and may start taking flying lessons.
Submarines often operate secretly, that will not be the case anymore.
Instead of riding horses, people may now start riding sharks.
Ocean water is extremely salty, sellers of salt may not make any money.
Some people may show up for work in swimsuits.
Ocean sea life is extremely beautiful, selfie lovers will be extremely happy.

0:00 – What if we Lived Inside Oceans?
1:48 – What if Traffic Signals Disappeared?
2:40 – How does a Snake move?
3:43 – How does an Airplane Fly?
4:49 – What if we could Shoot Webs like Spider-Man?
5:50 – What if our Teeth were made of Gold?
6:56 – What if we Lived near a Volcano?
8:07 – What if we Lived on Neptune?
9:15 – What if Sun became Black in Color?

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Date: May 17, 2023

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