when you gym buddy wants to up the weight… #shortsfeed #shorts #shortsyoutube #shortvideos


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Date: May 15, 2023

28 thoughts on “when you gym buddy wants to up the weight… #shortsfeed #shorts #shortsyoutube #shortvideos

  1. Everyone is at their bodies level, this is why I can't stand gym coaches. You tell them you have low back issues and need to gradually work your way up and they don't listen.

  2. Its funny because so many women look the same naked. I mean yeah everyone is different. But really. All a woman is is a pair of tits and a vagina for men to use LOL hunni if you think you are one of a kind or super hot. Just remember there are a thousand more girl out there with your hair colour…your lips and your body…lol you are not special. Youre just a peice of tits and pussy LOL and there are so many girls with the same body as you. Youre not special 😂😂

  3. I have never stared at a woman before. Here I am probably watching this on loop for the 30th time. I see she is cute, i love her smile, them perfect teeth, i see them fine thighs and great calves, i see them tight pushup bra, and the jiggle. I also see her perfect pelvic bone pushing and somewhat of her abs . She is gorgeous, sexy, cute and everything. I just don't know if I ever found myself infront of her, would it be okay to look at her or wait for the video to upload. Won't i be a hypocrite? So confused. ❤️

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