Where Is Hulk Hogan’s Mistress Christiane Plante Now?

When Hulk Hogan cheated on his wife for more than 20 years, he sparked outrage back in 2007. He had apparently slept with Christiane Plante, a friend of his daughter.

Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, and Christiane single-handedly wrecked their union. In addition, she lost her friendship with Brooke Hogan, who severed relations with Plante after learning about the incident.

Since the drama broke out more than 12 years ago, Christiane has not been mentioned. Now, where is she? What is her age? Let’s discuss Hogan’s mistress right now!

Christiane Plante: Where Is She Now?

After all these years, Christiane has developed into a sort of urban legend, just as we see in movies. She has completely disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving no traces behind.

We shouldn’t be shocked to learn that she chose to fully avoid the media, though. She did mention not entering the light again, after all. Christiane stated in a letter to Perez Hilton that she will never utilize this story as a means of money. She remarked,

You won’t see me agreeing to a deal for a tell-all book about the Hogans, promoting juicy information about the affair, making an appearance on television to make the most of these 15 minutes, or doing anything of the type. There aren’t even any photos of myself online.

According to a National Enquirer allegation from the beginning of 2008, Terry had an affair with Christiane Plante while still married to Linda Hogan for 24 years. It was eventually discovered that Plante, who was 33 at the time, was Brooke Hogan Bollea’s close friend and assistant.

The article claims that Christiane and Hogan got together in 2007 while Hogan was filming the episode of Hogan Knows Best. Plante’s admission shattered the Hogan family’s foundation to its very core.

Christiane even acknowledged at the time how awful what she did was. She also felt bad for sleeping with the father of one of her friends, saying, “I will never be able to fully forgive myself for this. I have lost a wonderful friend.

Brooke also had comments to make regarding the act committed by her former buddies. On a now-deleted MySpace post, she penned:

“You could find it in yourself one day to forgive when your best friend and one of your closest family members, whom you have loved without condition from the day you arrived on this planet, betray you jointly… However, you won’t ever forget the pain they gave you.

Christiane insisted that her relationship with Terry began after he and Linda had already split up, despite all the commotion. “My relationship with Terry started at a time when Terry and Linda knew their marriage was ending,” she stated.

According to reports, Linda Hogan requested a divorce after learning about her husband’s liaison with Christiane.
According to reports, Linda Hogan divorced her husband after learning of his liaison with Christiane.

Her assertion, however, was completely at odds with what Hogan’s ex-wife Linda had to say. According to her rep, she started the divorce process in late 2007—shortly after learning of the WWE Hall of Famer’s liaison with Plante.

As a result, Linda and Terry’s 24 years of marriage came to an end in 2009. The former couple first got married in 1983. They have two lovely children, Nick and Brooke Hogan, from their marriage.

Several reports surfaced at the same time claiming that Hogan wanted a child with Plante. The aged wrestler was rather anxious to find a successor to carry on his wrestling legacy. He sought another heir because neither of his two children from Linda continued in his family’s lineage.

Hogan also acknowledged that he wanted additional children. He declared, “I still want another Hulkster; I’m not done having kids.”

In addition, some reports suggest that Christiane is the mother of two children, albeit it is unclear whether Hulk Hogan is actually the father of the infant.

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