Where Is Sharon Marie Huddle Now?

Lawyer Sharon Marie Huddle specializes in family law. The National Coalition Against Surrogacy was co-founded by her.

In addition to her career, Sharon gained national attention as the former spouse of Joseph James DeAngelo, a serial killer, infamous rapist, and Vietnam War veteran. Between 1974 and 1986, the meticulous criminal is alleged to have committed 120 burglaries, 50 rapes, and 13 murders around California.

Sharon’s ex-husband Joseph, who only admitted guilt in 2018, has several aliases for his horrific criminal activities, including “Golden State Killer,” “East Area Rapist,” “Night Stalker,” and “Visalia Ransacker.”

But the truth is that up until the revelation of the truth in 2018, his then-wife Sharon was completely ignorant of his crime. The former couple, who got married in 1973, supposedly split up in the early 1990s, but they were still legally wed as of 2018.

So let’s uncover all the untold truths about Sharon, the ex-wife of Joseph James DeAngelo. The whereabouts of Sharon Marie Huddle, her life following her ex-spouse’s life sentence, their daughters, and other details are included in it. Huddle, who was born in 1953, is currently in her late 60s, while her ex-spouse Joseph will be 76 in 2022. She was a Native American who lived there her entire life.

Speaking about her parents, Sharon is the child of Citrus Heights residents Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Huddle. Although little is known about Huddle’s early years, we do know that she is a Caucasian American national.

Education: Law studies At school

Regarding her education, Sharon first attended San Juan High School before enrolling at American River College. After graduating, James DeAngelo’s ex-wife pursued legal studies at Sacramento’s McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific.

In terms of her line of work, Sharon Marie Huddle is a lawyer. Her law office, Sharon M. Huddle, practices family, real estate, and divorce law, according to its Yelp profile.

The California State Bar reports that Huddle is now employed in Roseville and has no disciplinary charges against her record. The 1982 bar admission lawyer is still permitted to practice law in California on a current license.

Sharon not only practices law but also promotes surrogacy. She once participated in the defense of a campaign against surrogacy.

Huddle also founded the National Coalition Against Surrogacy with other individuals. When California was considering a law governing the rights of surrogate mothers who are paid to carry the fetuses of egg and/or sperm donors, she founded the organization at that time.

Sharon first met Joseph James DeAngelo when?

When they were both students at California State Sacramento, where DeAngelo was majoring in criminal justice, they first ran into each other. Her future spouse was a retired Navy officer who had served in Vietnam at the time.

The specifics of their first romance are still rooted in reality, but they started dating soon after they met. They then gradually began residing in Auburn together.

Before getting married, the two were engaged for a short while. In November 1973, Sharon and DeAngelo, a retired police officer, exchanged vows. The Auburn First Congregational Church served as the venue for their autumn wedding. Sharon was 20 years old and her husband was 27 at the time of their wedding.

Joseph James DeAngelo also joined the Exeter police department that year as a burglary squad officer. Till 1976, he was employed there.

The Golden State Killer: Main Suspect host Stephen Gosk once spoke with Nick Willick, the chief of the Auburn Police Department, regarding his lone visit to DeAngelo’s house in the late 1970s. He remembered,

“I only visited once [in the 1970s]. Come over and check out the house we just bought, he invited after having lately moved in.

But as soon as DeAngelo revealed to Willick that he and his wife shared separate bedrooms, something strange struck him.

“I found it a little unusual that they have separate bedrooms and that he was probably 30, 31 years old. ‘here is my bedroom, here is my wife’s bedroom,’ he declared. said something to the effect that they would get together whenever they wanted to.

Sharon and her then-husband Joseph separated in 1991, even though they had begun sharing bedrooms a few years earlier. However, they had been legally married for some time. Several months after her ex-partner’s arrest, Joseph James DeAngelo’s ex-wife filed for divorce in Placer County in July 2018.

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