Who Is Kim Broderick? Full Bio With Career, Husband, Net Worth

Kim Broderick, sometimes known as Kimberly Broderick or Kimberly Piggins, is a writer and director at a Catholic school. She is the eldest child of the late Dan and Betty Broderick, a notorious ex-couple.

Kim was a key participant in the murders of Daniel T. Broderick III and Linda, his second wife, by her mother Betty on November 5, 1989. Later, Betty would be found guilty on two charges of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. The case received a lot of media interest and was the subject of multiple book and cinematic adaptations.

Dan and Betty’s children have grown up, gotten married, and even had their children in the more than 30 years since the killings. Kim, unlike some of her younger siblings, can recall the tumultuous relationship between her parents in the late 1980s that ultimately led to one of the most publicized homicide cases in American history.

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Read about Kim Broderick’s perspective on her mother killing her father, her activities since then, her attitude toward her mother now that it has been so long, as well as information about her marital situation and other topics.

In January 1970, Kim Broderick was born. Marita and Frank Bisceglia, the now 52-year-old’s maternal grandparents, were devoted Roman Catholics who maintained a prosperous plastering business with family members.

Frank was a successful builder in New York City. Kim has Italian and Irish ancestry on her mother’s side.

On the other side, her paternal grandparents were Catholic and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kimberly attended Big Wood School, a Christian preschool in Ketchum, Idaho, for her schooling.

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What is Kim Broderick now doing?

Kim is now a Director at Big Wood School, where she previously attended. According to her LinkedIn profile, she accepted the position in August 2011 and has been employed there ever since.

Lee Broderick, sometimes known as Kathy Lee, Rhett Broderick, and Daniel Broderick Jr. are Kim’s siblings. Rhett is said to live in Idaho as well, however, it is unknown if he is close to his sisters.

On the other hand, California is home to Kim’s second brother, Daniel Jr. Daniel is a real estate lawyer in San Diego, California, just like his late father was. He also has a wife and three children with her.

In 1987, AD Dan was also the president of the neighborhood bar organization. Kim’s deceased father was a successful lawyer with an impressive network and a spotless record.

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Mr. Broderick was a well-known malpractice lawyer who was forceful, convincing, and crafty. He made $1 million a year and was at the pinnacle of his profession.

Betty Broderick and Daniel Broderick III, Kim’s parents, first met in the 1960s and wed in April 1969. They had five kids after being married, one of whom passed away.

Kimberly and Kathy Lee were born to Dan and Betty when the former was attending law school on the East Coast. When the ex-couple was living in California, they had their sons Daniel Jr. and Rhett.

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