‘You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ says Kari Lake in clash with Sky’s Mark Stone


Kari Lake, who stood for governor of Arizona and lost, walks out of an interview with Sky News when questioned on her statements about election ‘corruption’.

She was challenged on her claim that elections are rigged in America.

Multiple investigations have found no evidence of electoral fraud in the 2020 election or her failed bid to become governor of Arizona.

Lake is a likely running mate for Donald Trump – making her a possible candidate for vice-president.

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Date: June 13, 2023

42 thoughts on “‘You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ says Kari Lake in clash with Sky’s Mark Stone

  1. Oops. We fought against a certain Austrian painter and decorator and spilt a lot of blood before the US became involved.

    We started on 1939 – some 163 years after the US rebellioncagainst the UK.

    Sometimes I wonder if we went against the wrong enemy ….

  2. I'll bet that this reporter knows more about US government than most Americans. In fact, that ignorance is what keeps Kari Lake's acting career going.

  3. Wrong. There is lots of evidence of election fraud. She is correct. In Arizona the printing of ballots was out of whack with the setting on the scanners, resulting in many errors. Was this intentional or deliberate? In 2016 the DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary. Don’t forget the loose chads and voters being added to the felony ban list back in 2000.

  4. Kari Lake is a liar and a fraud. She lost. Trump lost. What experience does she have serving in government? Absolutely nothing. She was a Cupie Doll on a local TV station. She wanted to start at the top as a Governor. What does she know about FEMA? What does she know about establishing a budget for a City much less a state? What does she know about running a state? NOTHING. She 8s unqualified for the job. There is a HUGE learning curve. Most people would start as a Council member, maybe volunteer in Government roles….maybe run for School board or State Attorney General. Her decision to run for Governor of Arizona was ridiculous. Just like Trump, she isn’t interested in the actual job…she wants the glory. Thankfully the voters said no.

  5. Well he was obviously wrong, and Kari was right.
    So, I’m gonna say he views are left wing and sky news is also , controlled opposition at this point

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