YouTube’s Science Scam Crisis


There’s a tsunami of science spam on YouTube. Why does it all look the same? How much harm does it do? Do not watch these low-effort, AI-generated, cash grabs.

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Date: May 26, 2023

25 thoughts on “YouTube’s Science Scam Crisis

  1. Hello to all the people potentially from Ridddle. As you will see, I left a comment on their "rebuttal" video apologizing for any missteps. However, I still believe their response video grossly misunderstood my points, and contained numerous fallacies. I stand by what I actually said with my mouth in this video. That being said, I'd like to put this behind me — drama is NOT what I care about.

  2. There's a very similar trend in the software engineering world too with hundreds of almost identical articles about each library, framework, language etc. The code snippets are almost identical (occasionally a variable name changed), the copy is almost word for word, and always in the exact same writing style. The articles are almost always copies of the getting started article from the tech in questions own website too. These articles are almost always the top SEO results too.

  3. its chinese, theyre chinese scammers farming the algorithm, its a living wage for them, ironically the CCP have established laws about selling AI generated content, the west is behind the curve here. i agree it ruins the platform

  4. I've pretty much developed my spidey sense for these things but THANKS for saying it. Often these things yammer about some topic on the edge of credulity or "just discovered", you click it, then spends the entire video rehashing generally valid but "no shit sherlock", repetitive common knowledge, then utterly fail to deliver the whammy promised. Infuriating!

    I report them but have learned to avoid. Still, sometimes one slips past my bullshitdar and oh well. I hate bots, lol!

  5. Sadly this is an epidemic of AI-generated crap, with scripts & b-roll intentionally made to drag out content from something that should take a few minutes to hours. All of this is designed to be click bait to make $

  6. I've always been suspicious of those space channels. All of them are similar. The channel icon is similar, the banner is similar, the thumbnails are similarly provocative. I believe they're run by the same people.

  7. Thanks for reporting, this is more problematic than you think. Plz research bit mining apps and how you tap a game but don't know what you're actually doing. I always thought this would be evidence of the internet concealing a hidden motive that we as humans can't even comprehend

  8. I'm only 2 seconds in, and I'm already stoked/thankful for this video. I cannot tell you (as someone who LOVES science content!) how much I cringe when I see "New Scary Solution to the Fermi Paradox?!" type stuff on Youtube because… well, I think I'm in like-minded enough company to not have to explain it. It never ends, and now 99% of the people making science content are nowhere NEAR qualified to do so. Just riding the popularity (which is otherwise great) or using said popularity to shift clicks to some scam in the video description.

    Really bad offender right now — the "UFO/UAP Phenomenon" that remains utterly, utterly explainable using sober and realistic and boring information, yet gets trotted out nonstop as if some amazing coverup is being revealed. Loeb finding a shiny rock and using it as his… what, 800th campaign to rile people up about ET just happened this month, too.

    It's pretty bad right now.

  9. Thanks for the giggles mate your a funny bloke. All this doesnt bother me much. You get scammers everywhere. What I see is some clever individuals cashing in on the collective need for greater truth and the sense that we've been lied to for a long time about a lot of things. It's just down to the individual to call bullshit and go read a book. You can't stop this stuff.

  10. No idea how well the the reporting will do, BUT! I use the "don't recommend this channel" all the time, and youtube's algorithm has seemed to figure out that I hate content farm videos. 🙂

  11. I expected this video to be about some more serious topic xD If you have Elon Musk riding dinosaurs on a thumbnail of a video supposedly about some ancient Egyptian myth with aome AI voice reading nonsense… well, I guess then there is nobody but the bots watching the video. I would be more concerned about the misinformation that was created by real humans who make an effort to convince people of some dangerous lies for personal profit. The fossil fuel lobby sponsored type of science denial spreading channels and similar stuff. What you covered here is the type of email spam only some crack addict would take for real…

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